Seattle Seahawks: Big Win On The Road As Hawks Defeat Rams



On Sunday, the Seahawks traveled to Los Angeles to take on the Rams in a rivalry NFC West matchup. While the game was closely fought on both sides, the Hawks were able to edge out the Rams in the closing seconds of the 4th quarter, with the final score being 16-10.

The big takeaway from this game was how well the Hawks’ defense held up against Jared Goff’s passing offense. While the Rams were gaining momentum on offense a few times throughout the game, the Hawks’ defense made big plays for turnovers that changed the momentum of the game. The most noteworthy play came from the Hawks’ All-Pro safety, Earl Thomas, who turned a potential go ahead touchdown into a turnover when he slapped the ball out of running back Todd Gurley’s hands just inches away from the end zone. Sheldon Richardson also made a few big plays getting his first interception of his career, along with a fumble recovery.

The Seahawks are now heading into their bye week. While many people prefer a bye-week that comes later in the season, a Week 6 bye could give the Hawks the needed rest they need to regroup and function better as a team. While still tied for 1st place in the NFC West with a record of 3-2, that Hawks still have plenty to be concerned about. Many improvements still need to be made by the offensive line, but hopefully some rest time will be able to boost their performances in the coming weeks.

The Seahawks’ next game will be Sunday, October 22nd at 1:25 PDT on CBS against the New York Giants. Don’t forget to wear that blue in support! Go Hawks!

Featured Image By dnak via Wikimedia Commons