The Waterfront Home of Your Dreams


Immerse in the tranquil lakeside residence with this stunning waterfront home located at 3310 97th Ave, SE Mercer Island. A stately 6,895 sq. ft. property that is surrounded by a verdant garden adorned by trimmed hedges and ornamental plants, it houses the best venues for your comfort, entertainment, and recreation.

Whether you spend your days and nights with your family or friends, there is much to do in this two-story structure. Stroll along its garden before you enter into its quaint carpeted living room where warmth is emitted from the hearth. Dine at its backyard porch, which provides a scenic view of the lake and lush trees beyond the wooden balustrade. You can cook your favorite dish in its commercial kitchen before you eat on the porch. But if you seek adventure without leaving your house, take the steps to the library on the second floor and grab any book to cozy up; the ceiling also shows you a map of the world.

You may not have to go downtown to watch the latest blockbuster hit, as one of the rooms provides you with a movie theater experience. With a huge flat screen TV monitor in front of convertible cushioned seats, you can’t miss the latest release on Netflix. A balcony is connected to your bedroom, so whenever you wake up, you can welcome the day with a breath of fresh morning air and admire the lush view outside. With 2 beds, 5 baths, and a garage that could shelter up to 14 cars, everything you need is available in this home. But if you want to explore much of the outdoors, a dock for your yacht or seaplane connects the house to the lake with well-paved floorboards.

This waterfront residence could be the home of your dreams! For more details, you may contact Margo Allan at 206-898-7455 or via e-mail at, and check out more photos on the website!