How to Spend Your Summer Indoors


For most people who prefer to stay outdoors during the summer, this is the time of the year to book that anticipated trip to the beach or take those hikes you’ve dreamed about all winter long. But if you have to take a “staycation” this summer,  all you need is to be practical with the household items that could give you the same kind of nostalgia and fun as trekking mountains or sunbathing on the shore. Here are practical tips on how to spend your summer!

Combat the Heat. The heat during summer is inevitable. But when you’re in the comfort of your own home, you can find ways to minimize it. If you prefer affordable and easy solutions, a hand-held fan will do. Not only will you be able to save energy by not turning your AC on, but you can also bring your fan anywhere. It also comes in many shapes and sizes. Your fan, a book and a cold drink, and you can cool off in the comfort of your home!

Learn through Entertainment. For students, summer can be a time to take a break from all those challenging lessons in school. But learning never stops. Why not learn and be entertained at the same time? Cozy up with a book— you can borrow from the library or buy at the nearest bookstore. Play some board games with friends and family, which paired with a delicious meal and some music, is a great summer pastime! Learn about nature (birds, maybe?) or history by watching the learning channels or find movies you’ve never seen yet! Spend your summer productively by learning —either from your job, your hobby or for recreational purposes!

Refresh yourself. Summer is the best time to sip a fresh fruit smoothie or a blended juice drink. Keep yourself hydrated by preparing your favorite drinks with blenders and juicers. These can also be your refreshments whenever you feel that constant thirst, which is natural when you’re exposed to heat all the time. Besides drinks, an inflatable pool (or jump in the lake!) can also be an alternative for beaches and swimming pools for kids.

Rest and rejuvenate. Longing for that post-lunch nap? Restoring your energy may not necessarily be done in your bedroom or on the couch in your living room. When your backyard is shaded with trees, a hammock can give you the same comfort. Try spreading a hammock in your backyard and take a nap in the afternoons after you sip your mixed fruit smoothie.

With a variety of household items that can give you a restive and productive summer, you can’t say that you’re missing out every bit of fun. Just like the cycle of the season, there are endless possibilities to make your summer worthwhile in the comfort of your own home!