5 Home Improvement Projects for the Summer


home improvement

While the winter months might have left some of us dragging our feet over plans to begin new home improvement projects, summer is here, and those home improvement projects are still waiting. So now is the perfect time to start! Here are five possible home improvement projects you can complete this summer:

  • Windows: It’s always a good idea to get those windows looking beautiful as summer begins. Taking time to make sure they’re clean can add to their lifespan. If your windows are a little outdated, it might also be a good idea to replace them altogether. Studies have shown that installing high quality windows are extremely energy efficient and can yield up to a 74% return on investments.

  • Roof: Less rain in the summer months also means that it’s the perfect time to replace that roof that’s been needing attention. High quality asphalt shingles can handle winds up to 130 mph while yielding up to a 70% return on investment.

  • Exterior Painting: Low rain in summer can also provide you the dryness necessary to completely repaint your home. Here in Washington, it’s hard to go a few days without rain, so it’s best to take advantage of the sun while you still can.

  • Deck Addition: Host friends and neighborhood barbecues by building an addition to your outdoor deck. Wood decks typically yield a 71% return on investment and can increase the overall value of your property.

  • Winter Preparation: You might also find that the summer months are a lot less intrusive for you and your family when it comes to installing insulation and making other preparations for winter. If you get these home improvement projects out of the way now, you’ll be thankful you did come winter.