Lakeside Estate for an Ideal Getaway


Relish in a lifestyle fit for royalty in this pristine and private waterfront estate. Located west of the freshwater Lake Sammamish, it stands three feet high with complete amenities that provide you with more than what you need.

Step into its ivory living room where you can lounge over the cushioned seats and intricately designed couches, grab a book or take a sip from the tastiest wine, and occasionally view the tranquil lake through the glass windows. Its spacious rooms indoors will give you an airy comfort. With five beds in multiple cozy bedrooms and four baths, the property provides your necessities. Whether you prefer to reside with your family or your friends, you will find the house the most suitable place for you.

Indulge yourself with your favorite meal within its wide kitchen, where the lake glimmers from outside as seen through the glass windows. Feast with your family and friends within the dining area where a chandelier hanging on the ceiling illuminates your vicinity. For your leisure, unwind with your favorite film within the home theater, or cozy up within the designated space for warmth where a fireplace can be lit during cold seasons.

But should you prefer to explore the outdoors, the expanse beyond offers more than what is expected. With the stunning view of the lake and the majestic wonders of the mountain ranges beyond, take time to stroll along the boardwalk that connects the property to the banks of the lake.

Feel at home at 104 W Lake Sammamish PKWY NE Bellevue, WA 98008 where your lifestyle becomes the perfect getaway.