Tree Care Mistakes To Avoid During Autumn


With a myriad of DIY videos and articles about tree care, we’re motivated to do things on our own. But what if you’re doing more harm than good? Here are some of the common tree care mistakes identified by professional tree care providers:

Pruning in the fall –  Unless you have a dead tree, pruning in the fall is a big no-no. During cold seasons, trees focus their energy on their roots. Any pruning done during the fall may not heal in time. These cuts may leave your trees susceptible from fungi and infestations.

Ignoring early symptoms of tree illness – Think of trees as people. They also get infections due to ignored cuts just like us. Symptoms of tree illness are:

  • A sudden death of branches
  • Early loss of leaves
  • Scabs on fruits (if you have a fruit-bearing tree)

It’s best to call a professional tree care provider when you notice these signs.

“Topping” – Topping trees are done when growth happens precariously through power lines. You might also do it to have a better view. But improperly doing tree topping can cause insect infestation to your trees and make them look disfigured and mangled. It’s best to have foresight on where the tree may grow to avoid topping it in the first place.

Planting non-native trees – A non-native tree may seem like a good addition in your yard. The unique touch makes your yard stand out in the neighborhood. However non-native trees require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. These trees take more time to adapt to certain soil types and can even disrupt the local ecosystem in your own yard.

Over-mulching – Mulching is helpful because it traps moisture in the soil so you don’t need to water your tree as often during low rainfall season but too much mulch can trap excessive moisture and may cause root rotting and fungal infection. It’s best to do it in moderation by using 3-4 inches of mulch around the tree’s outer dripline.

Do you have other tree care mistakes in mind? Care to tell us how to prevent them? Share it in the comments below!