How to prepare your garden for the winter


For many, winter actually reveals itself in November. So, it’s the perfect time to get your landscape ready for the cold season. You don’t have to exert much effort to complete what you need in order to prepare for winter. With simple tips, maintaining your garden during winter will help your plants last up to spring!

Remove weeds and dead leaves

Dead leaves and weeds get frozen beneath the snow. Although you may not have to do this only to prepare your garden for the winter, uprooting weeds and raking off dead leaves from your lawn and garden will not only help clear your yard but will also prevent the paths from becoming slippery when covered with snow. Reducing unnecessary growth over your garden will also provide a healthier environment for your plants.

Protect potted plants from the cold

Protect your potted plants from the freezing temperature when winter comes. You can choose to bring some of them inside your house, but this applies significantly to ornamental plants. For your plants outdoors, especially those situated over your lawn or yard, there are various techniques to prevent their stems or roots from freezing. One of the effective ways is to cover the pots with bubble wrap or hessian wrapping. This is also to keep them warm.

Prepare your soil

As seasons change, so does the environment. Although winter may bring the cold into your neighborhood, there is no guarantee that your plants will still be the same after they go through months of it. This is why it is also important to apply fertilizer over your garden’s soil to help your plants cope with the coldest days in the season. Fertilizers will also help retain your plants’ quality.

Ready your garden tools

Using the right tools will help you complete these tasks easily. Whether you plan to trim excess leaves or rake weeds right off your lawn, tools like shears and rakes will help you get the job done conveniently. It’s important that you maintain your tools and keep them in proper storage to use them once you prepare your garden for the winter.

Winter may come soon, and if you keep a garden at home, you can start preparing your plants for the changes that come with the season. These tips can help you get started!