Healthy Treats (and Drink) to Try Out in Spring


Spring is a time of renewal and the perfect season to start a healthy diet! Here are some delicious recipes and foods to kick off the Spring season!

  • Artichokes – Artichokes are high in fiber, protein, prebiotics, and antioxidants. Although artichokes are great as a side dish for meals, throw them in a green salad mixed with white beans and manchego for a delicious twist in fresh flavor.

  • Pizza topped with fresh berries – Like flowers in full bloom and lush green grasses during spring, fresh fruits and berries also come in abundance. You may think berries taste best when they complement desserts or yogurt, ┬ábut they can also be an added treat to your main meals. Try topping your pizza with berries to give it a fresh taste of Spring with a sweet twist.

  • Mangos– Mangos are among the ideal ingredients for desserts. Although the fruit is already sweet as it is, using it for a homemade treat adds a ton of flavor and is the perfect fruit for smoothies, pies and ice cream treats!

  • Mint– Nothing is as refreshing as mint leaves infused in water. Rich in Vitamin A and C, mint leaves give water or any drink a refreshing twist and the perfect way to accessorize any pitcher of water!

Treat yourself with healthy foods this Spring and experiment with a variety of new, refreshing recipes. Bon Appetit!