April Activities for the Family


Now that Winter is finally over, April is the perfect month to welcome Springtime and spend quality time with the family! It’s a month full of National holidays dedicated to learning about awareness, creativity and humanitarianism. This is a great time to teach your kids all about helping others and our earth!  From gardening and art to Earth Day fun, we’ve created a list of activities that will keep your kids and the entire family engaged all Spring long!


April is National Garden Month! Take advantage of the beautiful Springtime weather and teach your kids how to garden and to appreciate it even more. Take them to your local nursery and pick out flowers or herbs, pots and soil ( if needed!). Let them choose the colors and kinds of plants, and have fun with it. Read the directions for each plant or talk to one of the nursery caretakers about how to take care of them. Purchase kid-friendly gardening tools and you’re set! The next step? Planting! This is a fun and educational activity for the whole family and allows kids to watch their garden grow and learn how to take care of it.

Frog Fun!

That’s right—April is also National frog month! Through a variety of arts and crafts, spend a day or a whole month learning about frogs! Create fun frog trivia at dinner, search for frogs and toads in local ponds or wetlands, listen to their sounds at night, write and read about them and play frog games! Check out more fun frog ideas here!

Become a Poet

April is National Poetry Month, so now might be the perfect time to introduce your kiddos to poetry! Your younger ones can read nursery rhymes and the older kids, even teens, can start learning about famous poets and even write some of their own poetry! A great way to get started is by sitting outside, observing their surroundings and writing about it. They can use a famous poem’s structure as their structure, write a song, or just journal. Either way, introducing your family to poetry is a great activity for April.

Earth and Arbor Day!

Teach your kids to reduce, reuse and recycle—and all about trees and plants— and celebrate these very special days dedicated to Mother Earth! Start small by cleaning up garbage around the house and then the neighborhood. Educate them about the importance of recycling and show them how it works. Check out books at your local library about how trees and plants help give us life and all the different kinds in your local neighborhood! Click here or this one for more information.

April is also Autism Awareness Month, Drug and Alcohol Awareness Month, National Volunteer Month and of course, Passover and Easter are both celebrated. April is the perfect time to get creative and teach your kids and teens about these holidays through engaging and educational activities that can turn into traditions for the whole family. Happy April everyone!