Backpacking Trips in the PNW For Summer Getaway


backpacking trips

There’s really no place on Earth like the Pacific Northwest. Where else can you see high alpine lakes, wildflower meadows, rugged coastlines, and granite peaks like you can here? In fact, it’s the beauty of this area that draws people to the trails for backpacking trips. Looking to schedule a long backpacking trip of your own? Here’s a list of the top spots you’ll want to hit up this summer:

  • Wonderland Trail, Mount Rainier National Park: A very challenging hike, Wonderland circumnavigates the 93 miles of trail along Mt. Rainier. With pristine lakes and miles of beautiful rain forests and landscapes, there’s really no place like it. Permits are either secured by a yearly lottery system or given on a walk-in basis for travelers.

  • Timberline Trail, Mount Hood Area: One of the most iconic and scenic trails in all of Oregon, this 40 mile round-trip loop will introduce you to waterfalls, meadows, glaciers, and volcanic landscapes. Not an easy hike by any means, but the views and landscapes are well worth it.

  • Enchantment Lakes, Leavenworth: Mountain goats and big climbs await you at the trails at Enchantment Lakes. The views are jaw-dropping, but the trail isn’t as popular due to the strict permitting process which takes place between May 19th and October 31st. Nonetheless, if you’re serious about backpacking, you’ll want to add this spot to your backpacking bucket list.

  • High Divide, Olympic National Park: For a hike with moderate difficulty, High Divide might be the place for you. Featuring stunning views of Mt. Olympus, old growth forests, and high alpine scenery, Olympic National Park has some of the most diverse backpacking trails in the entire Pacific Northwest.