How to Celebrate Veterans’ Day at Home


On Nov. 11, 1919, Veteran’s Day was originally named “Armistice Day” to celebrate the year after World War I. In 1926, Congress passed a resolution for it to become an annual observance. 12 years later, November 11 became a national holiday. It was President Dwight D. Eisenhower who officially changed the name of the holiday to Veterans’ Day.

It is far more important than the long weekend we associate it to be. We celebrate Veteran’s Day to pay tribute to the living veterans who have served our country in war and in peacetime. As what the day proclaims, let us reflect on the sacrifices of the members of the military and their patriotic service to the country.

How do you celebrate Veterans’ Day at your own home? Here are a few suggestions.

Prepare A Care Package- Make a care package for someone you know who is deployed. Pack it with personal items like high-quality body wash, lip balm (the desert can be pretty arid), and pain-relieving topical cream. If you don’t closely know anyone deployed, you can reach Blue Star Mothers of America. They can arrange your care package to reach our soldiers wherever they are in the world.

Throw a Party For a Family of a Veteran You Know- If you know a family who has a loved one deployed ( or someone in the Military or Navy), bring them some cheer by throwing a “thank you” party for them. It can be intimate. Or, it can be big! If they are deployed, set the party up where the veteran can also join in (via Skype or Facetime) on the festivities.

Teach a Child What Veterans’ Day is All About –Educate a child about the importance of Veteran’s Day by sharing what you know. Teach them about why we celebrate this day and honor our Veterans.

Do you have other ways to celebrate Veteran’s Day? Let us know and comment below! Until then, Happy Veteran’s Day!

Seahawks Faces 25-17 Loss Against Chargers


Seattle Seahawks faced another disappointing loss after Sunday’s game at the CenturyLink Field against the Los Angeles Chargers with a 25-17 result. Although Seahawks coach Pete Carroll expected a good turnout with three key starters rallied by running back Chris Garson, linebacker K.J. Wright, and safety Bradley McDougald, the team fell short after the Chargers earned their best start of 6-2 since 2006.

Pinning hopes over quarterback Russell Wilson after bringing eight points to the team with only 1:50 minutes remaining, Seahawks managed to reach five plays before barging into the L.A. 30-yard line. Seahawks also managed to take the lead during the initial round of the game, with 7-0 achieved by Wilson after his 10-yard strike to wide receiver Jaron Brown.

But just as the Seahawks aimed for victory, it was the Chargers who claimed it with running back Melvin Gordon’s 34-yard rushing touchdown and wide receiver Keenan Allen’s 54-yard reception from quarterback Philip Rivers. Rivers also made his 200th consecutive start with his 13-of-26 for 228 yards.

The Seahawks is set to reclaim their glory as the team looks forward to their next game with L.A. Rams on the 11th this month at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.



How to prepare your garden for the winter


For many, winter actually reveals itself in November. So, it’s the perfect time to get your landscape ready for the cold season. You don’t have to exert much effort to complete what you need in order to prepare for winter. With simple tips, maintaining your garden during winter will help your plants last up to spring!

Remove weeds and dead leaves

Dead leaves and weeds get frozen beneath the snow. Although you may not have to do this only to prepare your garden for the winter, uprooting weeds and raking off dead leaves from your lawn and garden will not only help clear your yard but will also prevent the paths from becoming slippery when covered with snow. Reducing unnecessary growth over your garden will also provide a healthier environment for your plants.

Protect potted plants from the cold

Protect your potted plants from the freezing temperature when winter comes. You can choose to bring some of them inside your house, but this applies significantly to ornamental plants. For your plants outdoors, especially those situated over your lawn or yard, there are various techniques to prevent their stems or roots from freezing. One of the effective ways is to cover the pots with bubble wrap or hessian wrapping. This is also to keep them warm.

Prepare your soil

As seasons change, so does the environment. Although winter may bring the cold into your neighborhood, there is no guarantee that your plants will still be the same after they go through months of it. This is why it is also important to apply fertilizer over your garden’s soil to help your plants cope with the coldest days in the season. Fertilizers will also help retain your plants’ quality.

Ready your garden tools

Using the right tools will help you complete these tasks easily. Whether you plan to trim excess leaves or rake weeds right off your lawn, tools like shears and rakes will help you get the job done conveniently. It’s important that you maintain your tools and keep them in proper storage to use them once you prepare your garden for the winter.

Winter may come soon, and if you keep a garden at home, you can start preparing your plants for the changes that come with the season. These tips can help you get started!

Seahawks 28 Lions 14: Chances for playoffs


Seattle Seahawks won against the Detroit Lions 28-14. Sports analysts have deemed this game a loss for the Seahawks, but  they proved them all wrong. The team and fans alike can hope for a more realistic dream of making it in the playoffs.

Showstopping highlights from the game were from quarterback Russell Wilson and receiver David Moore.

According to, Russell Wilson was on the top of his game. He did 3 touchdowns, no interceptions, and 15 yards rushing — truly  commendable for Wilson who has done 9 touchdowns and 1 interception over the last three games. We’ll probably see more of him on the field this coming November with Seahawks competing against the LA Chargers.

6’0’’ receiver David Moore’s development is one for the books this season. Moore made 4 catches for 97 yards with his clever positioning and big-bodied attitude.

The third-down conversion that coach Pete Carroll successfully challenged during this game was the stuff of legends. The new catch rule went in favor of the team. Renowned sports analyst Samuel Gold even complimented Carroll for the call.

Before playoffs turn into a reality, the team will face off against the Los Angeles Chargers (5-2) on Sunday, November 4 at the CenturyLink Field. It will be broadcasted at 1:05 PM PT on CBS.

Tree Care Mistakes To Avoid During Autumn


With a myriad of DIY videos and articles about tree care, we’re motivated to do things on our own. But what if you’re doing more harm than good? Here are some of the common tree care mistakes identified by professional tree care providers:

Pruning in the fall –  Unless you have a dead tree, pruning in the fall is a big no-no. During cold seasons, trees focus their energy on their roots. Any pruning done during the fall may not heal in time. These cuts may leave your trees susceptible from fungi and infestations.

Ignoring early symptoms of tree illness – Think of trees as people. They also get infections due to ignored cuts just like us. Symptoms of tree illness are:

  • A sudden death of branches
  • Early loss of leaves
  • Scabs on fruits (if you have a fruit-bearing tree)

It’s best to call a professional tree care provider when you notice these signs.

“Topping” – Topping trees are done when growth happens precariously through power lines. You might also do it to have a better view. But improperly doing tree topping can cause insect infestation to your trees and make them look disfigured and mangled. It’s best to have foresight on where the tree may grow to avoid topping it in the first place.

Planting non-native trees – A non-native tree may seem like a good addition in your yard. The unique touch makes your yard stand out in the neighborhood. However non-native trees require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. These trees take more time to adapt to certain soil types and can even disrupt the local ecosystem in your own yard.

Over-mulching – Mulching is helpful because it traps moisture in the soil so you don’t need to water your tree as often during low rainfall season but too much mulch can trap excessive moisture and may cause root rotting and fungal infection. It’s best to do it in moderation by using 3-4 inches of mulch around the tree’s outer dripline.

Do you have other tree care mistakes in mind? Care to tell us how to prevent them? Share it in the comments below!

Lakeside Estate for an Ideal Getaway


Relish in a lifestyle fit for royalty in this pristine and private waterfront estate. Located west of the freshwater Lake Sammamish, it stands three feet high with complete amenities that provide you with more than what you need.

Step into its ivory living room where you can lounge over the cushioned seats and intricately designed couches, grab a book or take a sip from the tastiest wine, and occasionally view the tranquil lake through the glass windows. Its spacious rooms indoors will give you an airy comfort. With five beds in multiple cozy bedrooms and four baths, the property provides your necessities. Whether you prefer to reside with your family or your friends, you will find the house the most suitable place for you.

Indulge yourself with your favorite meal within its wide kitchen, where the lake glimmers from outside as seen through the glass windows. Feast with your family and friends within the dining area where a chandelier hanging on the ceiling illuminates your vicinity. For your leisure, unwind with your favorite film within the home theater, or cozy up within the designated space for warmth where a fireplace can be lit during cold seasons.

But should you prefer to explore the outdoors, the expanse beyond offers more than what is expected. With the stunning view of the lake and the majestic wonders of the mountain ranges beyond, take time to stroll along the boardwalk that connects the property to the banks of the lake.

Feel at home at 104 W Lake Sammamish PKWY NE Bellevue, WA 98008 where your lifestyle becomes the perfect getaway.

Electrical Safety List for Autumn


Autumn has just arrived, which means the spookiest holiday of the year is just around the corner Halloween! But before you get to enjoy costume parties or a whole night of binging on horror films, let’s look at your home’s condition and take necessary precautions. Here are top tips on electrical safety that are sure to get you ready for a day filled with tricks and treats!   

  • Use space heaters with caution – Using space heaters are the best and easiest way to stay warm without using your heating system. It’s a great way to save on costs especially when you don’t need to heat up the entire house. But, it can be a safety hazard if you’re not careful. Keep flammable Halloween decorations at least 3 feet away from the space heater and NEVER plug your space heater using an extension cord.
  • Inspect all extension cords – As the holidays are fast approaching, you’re probably using a ton of extension cords for your holiday lights and decor. Check your extension cords for damages. Make sure to use weather extension cords outdoors. If you’re plugging a lot of holiday lights, use surge protectors to provide internal load protection.
  • Sweep dry leaves – Sweep dry leaves away from outdoor outlets, light fixtures, and power cords. This prevents fire hazards. Dry leaves are prone to catching fire if it makes contact with any spark of some kind.
  • Cut tree branches – Make sure your tree branches don’t grow towards your electrical lines. Get your branches trimmed to prevent cut power lines and electrical fires. Call a reliable tree service company and have them take care of it.
  • Test smoke alarms – You’ll be using a lot of electrical devices in the coming holidays as the weather gets colder. Test your smoke alarms and make sure they are functional. This will make you at ease and sure that your alarms work when an electrical fire breaks out.
  • The right time for electrical inspections is NOW – After Halloween comes Thanksgiving. Before you know it, it’s already Christmas! Faulty electrical wirings are one of the top reasons for house fires. Contact a reputable electrical inspection safety professional in your area to assess if your electrical system is as safe as it should be.

Protect your home from house fires. Stay safe and have all the fun you want during the holidays!


Seahawks vs. Oakland Raiders


Seattle Seahawks claims a 27-3 victory over Oakland Raiders at Wembley Stadium, London, Sunday night.

In the stunning game attended by a crowd of 84,922 NFL fans, Seahawks proved that triumph is still at hand despite losing to 31-33 with the Rams last week.  The result has been attributed to the prowess of Seahawks team players like quarterback Russell Wilson who threw three touchdowns amidst the cheers of the crowd. Meanwhile, place-kicker Sebastian Janikowski scored two field goals that provided the Seahawks with a 17-0 first-half lead. Wide receiver and return specialist Tyler Lockett also managed to score a lead in the second half with a touchdown grab. 

Albeit employing the same adept and ignition to win, the game, however, did not bode well with the Oakland Raiders. Wide receiver Amari Cooper encountered a concussion during the game. Quarterback Derek Carr’s arm injury came after he struggled to run over the field for a first down before he missed a field goal.

This appears to be a promising prospect for Seahawks in the NFL after two consecutive losses in the previous weeks. As the team looks forward to facing the Detroit Lions on October 29 at Ford Field, they aim to avenge their losses and sustain their wins to establish a victorious fete.

Top Reasons to Deep Clean your Home this Autumn


Seasons keep changing. As the year nears its end, you may have to anticipate colder days ahead. The seasons’ cycle remains constant, but so does your home maintenance to prepare for a livable climate. Keeping your home clean is not only a responsibility but a necessary task to live conveniently and comfortably. The autumn season can bring cold gray days and more lawn work as trees’ leaves begin to fall and pile over your yard. But like many seasonal problems that you’d have to deal with, you can address this by cleaning up your home and property.

This post lists some of the right reasons why you should start deep cleaning your home this autumn:

  • Air quality. The air indoors may affect your health. With cool temperature, it’s time to make sure that your HVAC system functions properly to provide your indoor space the kind of warmth that you need. To further improve air quality, you’d need to remove dust from places where they most likely gather. This might include inspecting every crook and cranny indoors.
  • Healthcare. Your health is vulnerable in the cold season. To avoid getting sick, you need to make sure that all the things you keep in your home – from your furniture to your facilities – need to be cleaned thoroughly. Dust can gather on your bed sheets, mattress, curtains or even your carpets. Try vacuuming these items to avoid allergies, colds, or any illnesses caused by indoor dust.
  • House maintenance.  The sturdiness of the structure of your house depends on how well you maintain it. Keeping your house clean by using the right tools and handling your things with great care will help keep your house in good condition. 

Autumn can bring colder days throughout the season, but preparing for the weather is inevitable, especially when you live in an area where autumn occurs every year.

Seattle Seahawks Faces Defeat After 31-33 game with Los Angeles Rams


Sunday’s game has left Seattle Seahawks and fans stunned as the Los Angeles Rams charged them to a 31-33 defeat at the CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington. 

The Los Angeles Rams gained victory over their game. However, this wasn’t the first time that they faced head-on with the Seahawks. In December, the 42-7 result had favored the Rams and upset the Seahawks, with Oregon Live considering it as the “worst Seahawks in the Pete Carroll era.” But despite an upsetting turnout for the home court, the team did not settle without pushing to their advantage. 

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll shared that the team has played precisely as they were meant to do.  On the bright side, the 44-yard pass from Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett proved beneficial as it had paved for the Seahawks to reach to the 32. Seahawks’ David Moore also managed to score a lead for the Seahawks with his 30-yard TD pass from Russell Wilson. But even though Seahawks pinned their hope at this rate, they were not able to hold on to their anticipated victory when Rams’ Cooper Kup completed a 6-yard TD pass and pulled the Rams ahead of their opponent. 

Referring to the Rams, Carroll expressed: “There were 60-something runs and it comes down to ‘Let’s throw the flag right there.’ Unfortunately, it happened and they got a great break out of that. It was a great break for them.”

Although the game was a disappointment for many Seahawks fans, the team sets their redemption as they will face head-on with the Oakland Raiders at Wembley Stadium, London, on October 14.

Featured Image by @RamsNFL Via Twitter