Backyard Camping for the Kids


Need a new tradition to create with the family in the comfort of your own home? How about doing the things you loved in the summer, like camping, but bring it home–in your own backyard! Over the weekend, try bonding with your kids in a different and less costly activity – using your backyard as a site for adventure!

Here are a few things you can do with the kids to prepare for your backyard adventure begins!

  • Make a list and pack-up. Although the campsite is literally a few steps away from your home, it wouldn’t be called camping without a tent, sleeping bags, flashlights, kindling other fire, and of course, smores stuff!
  • Plan outdoor activities. Camping is always exciting with activities. Games will not only be fun and exciting, but these can also enhance your child’s love for nature and playing outside–something so important especially today.
  • Prepare safety kits. Even though you’re home is just a few steps away from your yard, it’s always best to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. A first-aid kit can help anyone who encounters minor injury (scraped knee, bruised arm, etc.), and a small ax or pocket knife for the adults (kept out of reach from the little  ones, of course) just to be safe.
  • Enjoy time with your kids. Relax and enjoy with your kids! Explore, sing around the campfire, look for bugs! Whatever it is, know you’re making lasting memories for you and your kids. Happy camping!

Backyard camping with your kids can be a fun activity to bond with your family over the weekend. With the right tools and activities, it can pass like an actual camping in the woods. So pick up a tent and get started!

Seahawks Manages to Take Bears Head-on on Monday’s Game


Despite the 24-17 loss, Seattle Seahawks still managed to take the Chicago Bears head on during Monday’s game.

Pinning their hopes over quarterback Russell Wilson, the Hawks was expected to triumph in their next face-off on the field with Chicago Bears. ESPN, 710 Sports, Pro Football Talk, and Bleacher Report predicted this possibility.

Although these assumptions shed light in favor of the Seahawks, the Bears also have their share of positivity before the big game. ESPN, NFL, and CBS Sports presumed that the Bears have an advantage this time.

This wouldn’t be the first time when the Bears and the Seahawks compete on the field, which will take place at Soldier Field at 7:15 PM on Monday. They have previously competed in 2012 when the Seahawks swept the Bears 23-17 in overtime.

The game was nationally televised on ESPN and broadcast on the radio on WBBM Newsradio, 780 AM and 105.9 FM.

Preparing Your Home for the Fall Season


As summer comes to an end, and the leaves twirl down to the wet ground, you know Fall is arriving. This means rain, cold nights, and cozy morning holidays throughout the season. But, it also means that it’s time to take down your summer flair and prepare your house for the wet, windy season upon us. Check what we think are the most important tips for prepping your home for Fall!

  • Inspect indoor parts of your house. The change in temperature can be abrupt or gradual. But either way, it’s always best to check on facilities that might help you adjust to the cold months ahead. Things like the furnace, HVAC system, fireplace, or even indoor pipes may need some repairs or cleaning before they can function for a long term.

  • Say goodbye to dust. With humid days in summer, it’s not surprising that the dry weather can invite unwelcome visitors into your home. Relax! It’s not Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers knocking on your doorstep. Instead, they gather over your window panes, floor, furniture, or hide in your carpet. But unlike some characters in summer horror blockbusters, you can do something about them. Keep the dust away from your home by maintaining cleanliness, which can prevent colds or health problems that can get worse with the cold weather.

  • Customize your space. Remodeling your home to fit with the season may be necessary. Either you change your bedspreads with thicker clothes or repaint your walls to retain that warm feeling, you can always choose to do so with the help of contractors or your friends.

  • Prepare your yard. The fall can lead your outdoor property to change.. If you want your lawn or plants to survive in weather changes, applying fertilizer may help them cope. It’s also necessary to inspect outdoor hosts and faucets and shut them off when necessary as cold temperature can affect them.

The frigid seasons are right around the corner and now is the best time to start cozying up to your place. Stay warm and comfortable with your loved ones and stick around for more tips on how to prepare your home for fall!

Seattle Seahawks: Three-point Defeat Shakes Stadium


Denver Broncos earns 27-24 victory over Seattle Seahawks in Denver during Sunday’s game at the Broncos Stadium Mile High. As the latter opens their season, they were met with the full force of Broncos’ prolific players.

Broncos completed a 470-yard offense, which consisted of Emmanuel Sanders’ 43-yard pass and Paul Lindsay’s running back 29-yard pass. But it was outside linebacker, Von Miller, who displayed an exceptional run defense.

However, the Seahawks didn’t set things to lose without pulling a tight score. Tyler Lockett’s 51-yard touchdown gave way for Will Dissly’s 66-yard run and Chris Carson’s 24-yard run.

Nevertheless, the opening season is just one of the first games where the Seahawks will soar. The game last Sunday might prove to be disappointing for many of their fans, but there will be more games to come in September.

It can only be expected that the Seahawks will avenge their defeat by then. But with excellent players on their team who could easily defy expectations on the field, such possibility is not hard to miss.

8 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Space Look Expensive


Much like people, your home’s facade tells a lot about you. It’s important because let’s face it, it’s the first thing your guests will see. So, how do you make your outdoor space look expensive? We’ve read almost a hundred tips from the experts at Good Housekeeping, Reader’s Digest, and Southern Living to come up with eight of the best ones. Check out these simple tricks to making your yard look chic, not cheap.

Mow your lawn

Perhaps the simplest tip of them all is to mow your lawn regularly to make your outdoor space looking polished and clean.  

Make that entrance GRAND

Get that wow factor by making your front porch or patio looking luxurious. Just because you want to make it look expensive, doesn’t mean it has to be. The key here is cohesion and plushness with fabrics and pillows. Accessories are everything for front porch decor

Choose a theme

Choose a theme that suits you. Do you want a charming farmhouse theme? How about something nautical? Do you want to go rustic? Themes are important because it sets a mindset for your guests.

Select well-made furniture

You can’t go wrong with furniture made out of hardwood such as beech, maple, and oak. Always check the seams when you’re looking for cushions to match your furniture. Get the feel of the material if it’s durable and can stand the test of time.

Pick a color scheme

To make your outdoor space look expensive, color coordination is key. The mind is programmed to behave accordingly based on the colors that it sees. Do your research before shopping, so you know exactly the color palette you prefer.

Add a water feature

Adding a water feature outdoors adds a sense of affluence. There is a myriad of water features that you can choose from. Go for a simple, serene water fountain to add a peaceful vibe.  Invest in a pond filled with koi and other aquatic creatures to bring nature even closer to your home.

Make repairs

Nothing says cheap than dilapidated fixtures and broken door knobs. Have your trusted handyman repair and maintain your home, so it’s always looking fresh and cared for.

Add lighting

According to Better Homes and Gardens, swapping out an old light fixture for a new one instantly updates the ambiance of your space. Place a lamp beside the couch and it instantly highlights its color and texture. Install overhead lighting like chandeliers and it becomes a focal point of your space. The right lighting fixture accentuates your chosen theme and color scheme.

With these simple hacks, your property will always look cared for and luxurious!  Send us a picture of how your outdoor space looks like using these tips. Comment below and let us know how it went!


Commemorating 9/11 With Your Community


Two weeks from now marks its 17th anniversary. It’s been 17 years since 9/11, where thousands of lives were lost. We all were deeply affected by its aftermath. Up to this day, only a little over 60% of the remains have been positively identified.

With that in mind, let us give a moment to dignify the people we have lost to the tragedy. Here are ways you can commemorate the lost lives, heroes, and surviving families with your community at home.

  • Raise your flag half-mast. It is in honor of the innocent lives lost.  We also give recognition to the service members who died or were wounded during the attack by raising the flag in honor.
  • Organize a community event in your neighborhood to observe the six moments of silence for each key event of the attacks – when American Airlines Flight 11 struck the North Tower, when United Airlines Flight 175 struck the South Tower, when American Airlines Flight 77 hit the Pentagon, the collapse of the South Tower, when United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and finally when the North Tower collapsed.
  • Share your experience with children or friends. Where were you when the towers collapsed? How old were you? How did you feel when that happened? Or, find information from reputable newspapers online about what happened.
  • Post an appropriate picture or remembrance on social media or your company’s website to show your solidarity with the many innocent victims.

9/11 is a world historic event. It has redefined our way of living in one way or another. But let us take this opportunity to ponder how to be a better citizen and honor that day and the lives lost and those still suffering.

What to Do at Home on Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day could be your last hurrah before summer ends—and what better way to celebrate our freedom to work, then to not work?!. We’ve got the best tips on staying relaxed and creative this Labor-day weekend!

Learn something new. As Labor Day does not require you to attend classes or go to work, treat yourself with a book or a documentary that will help you widen your perspective and learn new things. Cozy up in your living room or unwind at your porch and grab the book you’ve been longing to finish. Settle down in your living room and turn on the television to look for specials that go beyond entertainment. Learning a new skill will also help you relax and take your mind off work and chores. Learn a new recipe and watch a fun movie! Doing something out of the ordinary just yourself or with your family is always a fun thing to do on long weekends!

Bond with your family. Unlike many destinations, there’s no place like home. But spending quality time with your loved ones does not necessarily require you to pack up and bring them somewhere. Spend your Labor Day by watching a movie in the living room or dream up your ideal backyard movie theater and make sketches together! (check out: It can also be a day to play with your kids, cook their favorite meals, or talk with them about how things are going. Use this time to bond, play and talk!

Invite friends over. Invite your favorite people over for BBQ, drinks and fun! Get creative with party decor and the games. Include your family or friends in the event planning and assign people to bring food or refreshments! Make sure you have music to dance the night away!  

Work on Projects!  Labor Although Labor Day is meant for rest, it can also be spent productively by crafting something beautiful out of your free time. This can be painting the walls in your room or redecorating your study, or just getting to an unfinished yard or housework!

Labor Day may mark the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean you can live it up a little longer. Stay home, have fun and take advantage of the long weekend with loved ones!

When Summer Ends: How to Clean Your Home with Ease

If you’re living in a place that annually experiences changes in season, you’d know that the end of summer will always require you to clean some areas in your property. This comes as a preparation for the autumn where cold winds replace the heat waves and humid air that surrounded you in summer. Instead of dreading the chore, make it fun!

Here are ways that can guarantee you a fun and effective cleaning process:

  • Clean with companions. Ask help from your closest friends and loved ones to help you clean and tidy up— you won’t only get the job done fast, but can o spend quality time with the people whom you care for and trust the most. Return the favor by offering your help for their summer cleaning!
  • Clean with the right materials. You can’t wipe the dust off your furniture with your bare hands. If you use a paper towel, you’d be wasting the sheets before you’ll leave your living room spotless. It may be true that dust accumulates in the summer, as the atmosphere turns dry. This requires you to clean double time. But if you use the right materials such as vacuums, spray, towels, brooms, dustpans, and dusters, you can maintain cleanliness in your rooms as easily as you can call for your companions.
  • Clean with music. If you prefer the silence, this advice is optional. But if you work best by singing along to the pop or rock songs, you can turn your Bluetooth speaker or any device on and clean with beat and rhythm.

Make cleaning fun this summer as you prepare the transition to Fall!

Decorate Your Deck for Summer Parties and Cookouts


You wake up on a weekend and realize you have nothing to do. Your workload is miraculously off your shoulders for at least a couple of days. You look outside your window and see your deck. It’s just there – drab, disinteresting, and deserted. You ask yourself, “Why do I even have a deck?”

Here are some tips on how to spruce up that deck and have that summer party even your neighbors will be envious about. (Spoiler alert: They won’t be able to see anything. Read along.)


You’d want your deck to feel welcoming to your guests. So, opt for comfortable furniture, which is also weathering appropriate outdoors. You can’t go wrong with wicker paired with fluffy and homey cushions. And pillows! Lots and lots of pillows.


You’ve heard this before, but we cannot stress this enough. Color can really influence a person’s mood. So if you want your guests to be lively during the party, fill your deck with bright and energetic colors like red, orange, or yellow. If you just want to lounge with them, then choose neutral colors like white and beige.


Just because your party is outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t avoid the neighbors from snooping around. Use single lattice frames for that semi-private garden feel. Line your potted tall shrubs. For example, a wall of evergreens can give you privacy and sophistication.


Speaking of which, decorate your deck with potted plants. You can put them anywhere – on the table, on the side, or hanging on the lattice. It can be any plant. It could be the succulents you’ve hoarded since the trend or your personal home garden. you can put them there. Just tell your guests to be careful with the plants. Better yet, put a sign that says, “Fragile!”

Accent Piece

It could be anything. It could be the Persian rug your grandmother gave you or your daughter’s first painting. Just think that it’s the first thing your guests will notice when they get out on the deck.


Your deck isn’t just for daytime. With strategic mood lighting, it can transform into a quick romantic spot for you and your partner. Before the sun sets, nudge your guests out and enjoy the stars together.

Isn’t that exciting? Call your guests now and get those creative juices into reality. With those tips up your sleeve, you’re sure to have that summer outdoor party.

Did you pull off that party with our tips? How did it go? We’d love to hear how your outdoor summer party went. Share your photos with us!

Build and Maintain Your Own Summer Shed


This summer, you don’t have to leave your property to experience that perfect getaway. A small, charming summerhouse in your backyard can you give your life a little rest, recreation, relaxation—and adventure!

A summerhouse can stand for many purposes. For green thumbs, it can serve as the sanctuary for your potted and lush plants. If you’re an artist, it can store your art materials and equipment such as easel and canvas. If you’re planning to spend quality time with your family on summer evenings, it’s the perfect place to watch a movie or to eat pizza. If your kids are up for play, the summerhouse can accommodate an indoor playground with the right tools and the appropriate design. But if you want to work on your latest project or just look for a place where you can escape temporarily, the summerhouse offers an atmosphere where you can be productive and find solace at the same time.

To construct a summerhouse, you will have to consider the right materials if you DIY—or if you plan on buying a shed from your local hardware store, make sure you consider the cost and time to build it.  If you are planning to construct it on your own, using recycled materials for decoration can be practical, but just make sure that it is properly ventilated with windows and doors. It’s important to monitor its firmness by utilizing sturdy walls, proper roof, and a stable foundation. But you can also choose the trusted construction contractors near your place if you want an efficient process. Depending on your style, your summerhouse can fit your personality. Just like your house, you can customize it with any theme.

Summer beach house. If you want to experience the beach without leaving your home, you can customize your summerhouse to look like a paradise by the seashore. Blue-painted walls can give you that seaside experience, and with the sun’s light streaming through the open windows, all you’d need are shells for decoration.

Cabin in the woods. Trees in your backyard can resemble the woodland environment for your summerhouse. But you don’t have to get lost in your own yard to experience this. If you’ve been planning to camp in the forest, a summerhouse for a cab can be an alternative. You can design your summerhouse to look like a solitary shelter in the woods by its color. Wooden walls with earthy shades can already fit the mould. Painting verdant mosses over their surfaces can bring that environment to life.

Out-of-this-world fantasy. Have you ever imagined what it’s like to live in a hobbit hole or to attend classes at Hogwarts? Customizing your summerhouse according to your niche fantasy can be epic. The faraway galaxy can be seen over your ceiling with glow-in-the-dark effects and constellations. A closet in one corner can resemble your entrance to Narnia. A bookshelf can preserve graphic novels, books, and many items where you get your imagination.

If you’re considering to build your own summerhouse at your backyard, you can base its design and structure according to your own interest. A summerhouse that fits your style will not only give you a unique experience at home, it will also give you an alternative space where you can spend a vacation for summer. Just make sure that you maintain it by inspecting its parts for repairs, cleaning it to keep dust away, and check for pest infestation. Happy building!