Seahawks vs. Oakland Raiders


Seattle Seahawks claims a 27-3 victory over Oakland Raiders at Wembley Stadium, London, Sunday night.

In the stunning game attended by a crowd of 84,922 NFL fans, Seahawks proved that triumph is still at hand despite losing to 31-33 with the Rams last week.  The result has been attributed to the prowess of Seahawks team players like quarterback Russell Wilson who threw three touchdowns amidst the cheers of the crowd. Meanwhile, place-kicker Sebastian Janikowski scored two field goals that provided the Seahawks with a 17-0 first-half lead. Wide receiver and return specialist Tyler Lockett also managed to score a lead in the second half with a touchdown grab. 

Albeit employing the same adept and ignition to win, the game, however, did not bode well with the Oakland Raiders. Wide receiver Amari Cooper encountered a concussion during the game. Quarterback Derek Carr’s arm injury came after he struggled to run over the field for a first down before he missed a field goal.

This appears to be a promising prospect for Seahawks in the NFL after two consecutive losses in the previous weeks. As the team looks forward to facing the Detroit Lions on October 29 at Ford Field, they aim to avenge their losses and sustain their wins to establish a victorious fete.

Top Reasons to Deep Clean your Home this Autumn


Seasons keep changing. As the year nears its end, you may have to anticipate colder days ahead. The seasons’ cycle remains constant, but so does your home maintenance to prepare for a livable climate. Keeping your home clean is not only a responsibility but a necessary task to live conveniently and comfortably. The autumn season can bring cold gray days and more lawn work as trees’ leaves begin to fall and pile over your yard. But like many seasonal problems that you’d have to deal with, you can address this by cleaning up your home and property.

This post lists some of the right reasons why you should start deep cleaning your home this autumn:

  • Air quality. The air indoors may affect your health. With cool temperature, it’s time to make sure that your HVAC system functions properly to provide your indoor space the kind of warmth that you need. To further improve air quality, you’d need to remove dust from places where they most likely gather. This might include inspecting every crook and cranny indoors.
  • Healthcare. Your health is vulnerable in the cold season. To avoid getting sick, you need to make sure that all the things you keep in your home – from your furniture to your facilities – need to be cleaned thoroughly. Dust can gather on your bed sheets, mattress, curtains or even your carpets. Try vacuuming these items to avoid allergies, colds, or any illnesses caused by indoor dust.
  • House maintenance.  The sturdiness of the structure of your house depends on how well you maintain it. Keeping your house clean by using the right tools and handling your things with great care will help keep your house in good condition. 

Autumn can bring colder days throughout the season, but preparing for the weather is inevitable, especially when you live in an area where autumn occurs every year.

Seattle Seahawks Faces Defeat After 31-33 game with Los Angeles Rams


Sunday’s game has left Seattle Seahawks and fans stunned as the Los Angeles Rams charged them to a 31-33 defeat at the CenturyLink Field, Seattle, Washington. 

The Los Angeles Rams gained victory over their game. However, this wasn’t the first time that they faced head-on with the Seahawks. In December, the 42-7 result had favored the Rams and upset the Seahawks, with Oregon Live considering it as the “worst Seahawks in the Pete Carroll era.” But despite an upsetting turnout for the home court, the team did not settle without pushing to their advantage. 

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll shared that the team has played precisely as they were meant to do.  On the bright side, the 44-yard pass from Russell Wilson to Tyler Lockett proved beneficial as it had paved for the Seahawks to reach to the 32. Seahawks’ David Moore also managed to score a lead for the Seahawks with his 30-yard TD pass from Russell Wilson. But even though Seahawks pinned their hope at this rate, they were not able to hold on to their anticipated victory when Rams’ Cooper Kup completed a 6-yard TD pass and pulled the Rams ahead of their opponent. 

Referring to the Rams, Carroll expressed: “There were 60-something runs and it comes down to ‘Let’s throw the flag right there.’ Unfortunately, it happened and they got a great break out of that. It was a great break for them.”

Although the game was a disappointment for many Seahawks fans, the team sets their redemption as they will face head-on with the Oakland Raiders at Wembley Stadium, London, on October 14.

Featured Image by @RamsNFL Via Twitter 

Preparing your yard for Halloween



Halloween is  a few weeks away, but you can prepare too soon. Make your outdoors spooky and inviting to little trick-or-treaters and adult neighbors alike. As the calendar hits October 31st, the only thing left for you to do is marvel at your yard and hand out the treats. 

Follow our top picks from tricks we gathered from the experts at Better Homes and Gardens, Better Housekeeping, and Country Living.

  • Pumpkins galore – Nothing says Halloween better than putting carved pumpkins in your yard. Put them in strategic places like on the porch or right on the side of the curb. Choose different pumpkin sizes. You can even stack them together to create a sense of layers and variation.

  • Get crafty – Unleash your crafty side by repurposing things inside your home. Instead of buying fake cobwebs, stretch out cotton balls and attach them on ceilings corners and other areas using glue or tape. Reuse old cooking pots by painting them black and making them ancient cauldrons. You can do so much with the things you already have. All you have to do is tap your imagination.

  • Light ‘em up – Setting up the right light arrangement can make or break your decoration efforts. Put lighted candles inside your pumpkins to create a soft, yet spooky feel. You can even set up fairy lights on your porch to get that ethereal facade.

  • Trim and shape – Make sure your yard is well-trimmed. That means your shrubs need to be shaped and manicured. A trimmed yard makes your outdoors look polished and sleek.

Did you use our tips in preparing your yard for Halloween? Do you have more tips up your sleeve? Take a photo and let us know in the comments below!

Seahawks wins 20-17 to Cardinals, Earl Thomas injured


Seattle Seahawks (2-2) wins against the Arizona Cardinals (0-4). According to Mookie Alexander of “Seattle’s running game burst to life with 171 yards, including 101 by Mike Davis, but the passing game was largely tepid once again, and the defense struggled to hold off rookie QB Josh Rosen in the 4th quarter.” Sebastian Janikowski, who had missed twice in the 1st half, won the game with a 52-yarder at the buzzer.

The Seahawks may have won the battle, but will be a tough road ahead, as Earl Thomas was  injured at the end of the game. Thomas’ defensive prowess proved to be vital in last week’s win with the Dallas Cowboys.  Thomas’ injury might be detrimental to the Seahawks’ future in the NFL, according to Seattle Times. “Thomas suffered a fractured lower left leg with 8:59 left in the game, a play that almost certainly ends his season and potentially — if not probably — his Seahawks career.”

“Yeah, we got the (win),’’ said defensive end Frank Clark. “But I feel like we’re the losers at the end of the day because we lost a Hall of Fame player. We lost a player you can’t replace. … It’s Earl Thomas, let’s be honest.’

The Seattle Seahawks are slated to bout against the Los Angeles Rams on October 7 at CenturyLink Field

Checklist: September Home Maintenance


Maintaining your home is necessary when the seasons change. But although keeping it in good condition can be a challenge, there are times when you can take initial steps all by yourself.  September welcomes the fall season, and as cold winds start to replace the humid air of summer, you might consider improving the quality of your home to avoid damages in the cold days ahead.

Below are the few tips for home maintenance to prepare for the fall to winter seasons.

  • Maintain HVAC systems – To cope with the weather, you need the heating ventilation and air condition system in your home to function properly. Regular inspection and maintenance will help you resolve any existing damages. Cleaning and repairing them with the aid of contractors will also restore them in good condition so that you wouldn’t have to worry about adjusting to the temperature. A fireplace in your house can also be checked to avoid any hazard.

  • Replace household sheets – Comfort comes in many textures, and besides feeling the temperature in the air, you can cozy up in blankets and sheets. Have your pillowcases, bedspreads, or even your curtains replaced with thicker cloths that could maintain the warmth within your house.

  • Fill your pantry – Like ants saving for rainy days, it’s time to get prepared with supplies stored in your kitchen or pantry. Although you can easily buy from the nearest convenience store or shopping mart, there’s no telling when the roads and sidewalks start to get slippery in cold weather. Plus, keeping supplies will save you the inconvenience of going out in the cold seasons.

  • Conduct regular inspection – Loose faucets can cause permanent damage in cold seasons just as cracks on walls or on the floor can hint that your house structure might have a problem. Conducting regular inspecting will not only help you identify these problems but will also help you improve your home even in the harshest weather.

Maintaining your home is a constant responsibility, especially when seasons change. But if you’re planning to DIY, you can start with the few tips listed above.

Seahawks Wins against Cowboys, 24-13


Seattle Seahawks gained their first win of the series against the Dallas Cowboys on home turf last Sunday. The game came as a surprise to the audience and sports analysts alike with a 24-13 end result in favor of the Seahawks. The team began the preseason with two losses but managed to gain a whopping two-digit point difference against the Cowboys.

Seahawks’ quarterback, Russell Wilson, performed impressively by contributing 3 touchdowns. But according to Jacson Bevens from, he associated the Seahawks win to Earl Thomas and said, “Earl led the team in tackles and snagged two remarkable interceptions as Seattle’s defense suffocated the Cowboys.” A good offense is a strong defense indeed. 

The Seahawks will fight against the Arizona Cardinals on Sept 30 at U of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona. ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss predicts that the Cardinals will have a challenge in breaking the Seahawks’ defense. After this game, it’s not unlikely.

Backyard Camping for the Kids


Need a new tradition to create with the family in the comfort of your own home? How about doing the things you loved in the summer, like camping, but bring it home–in your own backyard! Over the weekend, try bonding with your kids in a different and less costly activity – using your backyard as a site for adventure!

Here are a few things you can do with the kids to prepare for your backyard adventure begins!

  • Make a list and pack-up. Although the campsite is literally a few steps away from your home, it wouldn’t be called camping without a tent, sleeping bags, flashlights, kindling other fire, and of course, smores stuff!
  • Plan outdoor activities. Camping is always exciting with activities. Games will not only be fun and exciting, but these can also enhance your child’s love for nature and playing outside–something so important especially today.
  • Prepare safety kits. Even though you’re home is just a few steps away from your yard, it’s always best to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances. A first-aid kit can help anyone who encounters minor injury (scraped knee, bruised arm, etc.), and a small ax or pocket knife for the adults (kept out of reach from the little  ones, of course) just to be safe.
  • Enjoy time with your kids. Relax and enjoy with your kids! Explore, sing around the campfire, look for bugs! Whatever it is, know you’re making lasting memories for you and your kids. Happy camping!

Backyard camping with your kids can be a fun activity to bond with your family over the weekend. With the right tools and activities, it can pass like an actual camping in the woods. So pick up a tent and get started!

Seahawks Manages to Take Bears Head-on on Monday’s Game


Despite the 24-17 loss, Seattle Seahawks still managed to take the Chicago Bears head on during Monday’s game.

Pinning their hopes over quarterback Russell Wilson, the Hawks was expected to triumph in their next face-off on the field with Chicago Bears. ESPN, 710 Sports, Pro Football Talk, and Bleacher Report predicted this possibility.

Although these assumptions shed light in favor of the Seahawks, the Bears also have their share of positivity before the big game. ESPN, NFL, and CBS Sports presumed that the Bears have an advantage this time.

This wouldn’t be the first time when the Bears and the Seahawks compete on the field, which will take place at Soldier Field at 7:15 PM on Monday. They have previously competed in 2012 when the Seahawks swept the Bears 23-17 in overtime.

The game was nationally televised on ESPN and broadcast on the radio on WBBM Newsradio, 780 AM and 105.9 FM.

Preparing Your Home for the Fall Season


As summer comes to an end, and the leaves twirl down to the wet ground, you know Fall is arriving. This means rain, cold nights, and cozy morning holidays throughout the season. But, it also means that it’s time to take down your summer flair and prepare your house for the wet, windy season upon us. Check what we think are the most important tips for prepping your home for Fall!

  • Inspect indoor parts of your house. The change in temperature can be abrupt or gradual. But either way, it’s always best to check on facilities that might help you adjust to the cold months ahead. Things like the furnace, HVAC system, fireplace, or even indoor pipes may need some repairs or cleaning before they can function for a long term.

  • Say goodbye to dust. With humid days in summer, it’s not surprising that the dry weather can invite unwelcome visitors into your home. Relax! It’s not Freddy Krueger or Michael Myers knocking on your doorstep. Instead, they gather over your window panes, floor, furniture, or hide in your carpet. But unlike some characters in summer horror blockbusters, you can do something about them. Keep the dust away from your home by maintaining cleanliness, which can prevent colds or health problems that can get worse with the cold weather.

  • Customize your space. Remodeling your home to fit with the season may be necessary. Either you change your bedspreads with thicker clothes or repaint your walls to retain that warm feeling, you can always choose to do so with the help of contractors or your friends.

  • Prepare your yard. The fall can lead your outdoor property to change.. If you want your lawn or plants to survive in weather changes, applying fertilizer may help them cope. It’s also necessary to inspect outdoor hosts and faucets and shut them off when necessary as cold temperature can affect them.

The frigid seasons are right around the corner and now is the best time to start cozying up to your place. Stay warm and comfortable with your loved ones and stick around for more tips on how to prepare your home for fall!