House Care for Indoor Plants in Winter


Every winter, plants change from their normal state. Either they temporarily wither or they slumber and wait until they wake up in spring. If you are growing indoor plants, maintaining them is important in keeping them healthy and alive. But you don’t have to treat it as a chore; this can be your hobby! With these simple tips, you will more likely see your plants blossom after the winter.

  • Pour water minimally. Although the winter air is drier than any season, indoor plants don’t need much water because it is natural for plants to grow slower in winter. Pouring too much water may cause more harm to your plants than good.
  • Give your houseplants the right amount of sunlight... Plants feed on sunlight for sustenancethis applies to indoor plants as much as it does to outdoor plants that usually hibernate during this cold season. Place your indoor plants near your window or over a spot on your terrace to catch sunlight.
  • Cut down or abstain from using fertilizers. Using too much of something good may lead to harmful effects. Fertilizer is good only when applied in different seasons. Since your plants barely grow during the winter, complications might occur if you force your plants to grow by applying too much fertilizer.
  • Remove wilted leaves.  Just like on regular summer days, removing wilted leaves from your plants will help them stay healthy. Removing decay will help your plants stay fresh even on the coldest days.

Taking care of your plants during any season will help them sustain their health. If you maintain this hobby during the winter, there’s a bigger chance your plants will regain its vibrance in spring.

Seahawks Claims Victory Over Panthers


Seattle Seahawks has claimed a 30-27 victory in their latest match against Carolina Panthers at the Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte NC on Sunday. This comes as a promising win for the Seahawks after their previous triumph over Green Bay Packers two weeks ago. With only two games left in the season with the Minnesota Vikings and the Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle’s team is pinning their hopes for a winning streak. 

“It was a fantastic finish for our guys,” said Seahawks coach Pete Carroll during the press conference following the game. “We needed all of it.”  

With an exemplary team effort, the Seahawks were able to score by placekicker Sebastian Janikowski’s 31-yard field goal, earning them the final lead against Carolina Panthers. Prior to this accomplishment, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and wide receiver David Moore connected for a deep 35-yard touchdown pass, tying the score to their opponent’s. 

The outcome may deem to be disappointing to the Panthers, whose hope for this season’s win was cut short partly due to cornerback rookie Donte Jackson’s injury in the first quarter, but this does not entirely discredit the team’s victories over previous games as their aim for the NFC South Title earlier in the month. 

For Seahawks Seattle, this consecutive win will renew their hopes for this season. “It is really a rewarding win,” Carrolls stated.

They are set to face head-on with the San Francisco 49ers next week.

What to Prepare for Thanksgiving Dinner at Home


Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Don’t let the holiday stress get to you! Here are preparations you can do days ahead so you only have a few things to worry about when November 22 arrives:

  • Check your kitchenware.  Spell holiday disaster: your stove or oven not working on Thanksgiving! To get that dreadful thought out of the way, check your kitchen equipment. Do you have enough tools to make the food you’re planning to serve? Is your oven working? You need a professional to get it examined. With your kitchenware working at its best, you’re always ready for a feast!
  • Make and freeze the sauces. You’re probably thinking this isn’t the way you do things at home. But, it’s actually quite practical considering you’re the only one preparing dinner. Making your sauces, whether it’s gravy or cranberry sauce, days before can save you more time during Thanksgiving. Don’t slave away in the kitchen this holiday!
  • Make and freeze the mashed potato. Freezing potatoes isn’t a great idea, but the freezing MASHED potato is. Make your go-to mashed potato recipe ahead of time. Put it in a bowl, wrap it with cling wrap, freeze, and reheat it on the night of Thanksgiving. The cling wrap prevents crystallization.
  • Make the pie crust. If you’re planning to have pie, make the crust ahead. Wrap it in cling wrap and freeze. Again, it’ll save you more time so you can spend it with your guests. After all, it’s what the holiday is all about, right?
  • Buy the turkey. Avoid the holiday rush and buy the turkey days before Thanksgiving. You can even choose the best one with all the turkey choices you have. Now that you’ve done some preparations, it’s time to do the actual cooking. On Thanksgiving, you’ll have less time in the kitchen and more time mingling with your guests. Here are a few of the things you need to do on the day:
  • Make the pie. Because you made the pie crust ahead, you can proceed to make the filling. Thaw your crust and line it in your trusty pie pan. Pour the filling and bake.
  • Thaw the turkey (3 ways). Thaw your turkey hours before. You can thaw it in three ways.
  1. You can thaw it in the fridge. Allow approximately 24 hours for every 5 pounds of turkey. A 10-pound turkey will take about 2 days to thaw completely.
  2. If that’s too slow for you, you can use cold water. Allow approximately 30 minutes for every pound of turkey. A 10-pounder will take about 5 hours to thaw completely.
  3. If that isn’t fast enough for you, you can use your microwave oven. Read the user manual for your oven to get instructions for thawing a frozen turkey. Times and power settings will vary from model to model. In general, it could take an hour or more on the defrost setting, depending on the size of the turkey.

And there you have it! These are just some of the things that you can prepare before Thanksgiving comes. Do you have tips you want to share?  Let us know how your Thanksgiving went. Comment below!


Tips for Black Friday Sale


Black Friday Sale is one of the most anticipated shopping holidays. Every Friday after Thanksgiving, people flock at Macy’s, Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Staples, and Walmart to get their hands on great deals.

You wouldn’t want to get left behind, especially when you want supplies for your home or gifts for your friends and family. Get ready to shop responsibly with these helpful tips:

  • Make a list of what you’ll buy. Keeping an organized list of what to buy will help you save time spent at the store. It will also aid you in managing your budget. Another helpful tip is to categorize the list with personal and gift items – choosing which products to buy for your own needs and those which you will potentially give as gifts to your friends and family.
  • Check on available items before buying. You may be surprised when you see a variety of products with cheaper-than-usual prices sold at the store. Knowing which products to buy will not only keep you from getting distracted but will also help you project how much you are going to spend. Does your carpet need to be replaced? Are your pillowcases too worn out and loose? One thing that helps you get started is to evaluate your home and look for things that need to be replaced or added.
  • Check the schedule. Whether you’re planning to shop at Walmart or Target, it’s best to arrive early so you wouldn’t have to wait in long lines. Check the schedule of the stores where you plan to shop before the big day.
  • Shop with a friend. Shopping alone is not a big deal but when you do it during a big event like Black Friday, shopping all by yourself can be a bit inconvenient. You’d never know who would grab your cart and it would help to have someone accompany you to check on your things.


  • Shop online. Anxious about shopping with large crowds? A more convenient way to shop is doing it online through mobile apps and websites. If you’re the type who prefers to stay indoors on a holiday, try checking out online Black Friday Sales.


  • Consider your budget. No matter how much your preferred items cost, you need to weigh if they’re really worth spending money on. Managing your budget will help you identify the things you need and those you want.. Make sure you are spending within your means.

Black Friday Sale only happens once in a year. Be a smart shopper during the holiday!

Seahawks wins against Packers, 27-24


The Seattle Seahawks keeps its wildcard hopes last Thursday night, November 15, and took down the Green Bay Packers, 27-24. Winning against the Packers was crucial for Seattle’s playoff chances with three games left against the Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to, “For a long time now, since Seahawks Stadium / Century Link Field was constructed, really, Seattle has enjoyed the best home field advantage in the NFL. For six straight years, the final month and a half of national analysts have talked about how NFC contenders were hoping to avoid playing in Seattle in the ‘yoffs.” Home field advantage really was on their side.

Pushing luck aside, key players stepped up their game. Rashaad Penny and Chris Carson handled the early downs of the offense’s snaps, playing 24% and 41% respectively. Meanwhile, Mike Davis continued as 3rd down back and 31% of snaps. With KJ Wright having a knee injury, Austin Calitro played alongside Bobby Wagner. This coaching decision was a surprise as Barkevious Mingo proved himself to have a solid game in Wright’s absence. But Calitro showed tremendous reliability by getting 88% of the defense’s snaps.

Seattle Seahawks’ standing 5-5 isn’t great. But, it’s enough to give them a chance at the playoffs. Their next game is on the road against the Carolina Panthers on November 26 at the Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, NC. Onward, upward. Let’s do this!

Seahawks Lose Against Rams (36-31), But Fought ‘Till the Bitter End


The Seahawks lost against the Rams, 36 to 31. They lost by a 5-point margin but not without a fight. The team gave everything they had, but as with any competition, the better team always wins.

Seattle scored first thanks to Mike Davis’ touchdown. His successful execution of the first three plays nets the team 17 yards letting the Rams know they were a force to be reckoned with. According to, Seattle played their best game of the year to date.

The team’s defense forced a three-and-out to give Wilson and the offense the ball back with 1:24 remaining and no timeouts left pulling off the upset in a dramatic, high-scoring affair.

Unfortunately, this is the team’s second loss in a row giving their record down to 4-5 making their playoff dreams seem bleak.

The Seattle Seahawks will compete against the Green Bay Packers at  CenturyLink Field Arena on Nov. 15, 2018. It’s an important bout as their win may mean a shot onto the shortlist with six games to go.

How to Celebrate Veterans’ Day at Home


On Nov. 11, 1919, Veteran’s Day was originally named “Armistice Day” to celebrate the year after World War I. In 1926, Congress passed a resolution for it to become an annual observance. 12 years later, November 11 became a national holiday. It was President Dwight D. Eisenhower who officially changed the name of the holiday to Veterans’ Day.

It is far more important than the long weekend we associate it to be. We celebrate Veteran’s Day to pay tribute to the living veterans who have served our country in war and in peacetime. As what the day proclaims, let us reflect on the sacrifices of the members of the military and their patriotic service to the country.

How do you celebrate Veterans’ Day at your own home? Here are a few suggestions.

Prepare A Care Package- Make a care package for someone you know who is deployed. Pack it with personal items like high-quality body wash, lip balm (the desert can be pretty arid), and pain-relieving topical cream. If you don’t closely know anyone deployed, you can reach Blue Star Mothers of America. They can arrange your care package to reach our soldiers wherever they are in the world.

Throw a Party For a Family of a Veteran You Know- If you know a family who has a loved one deployed ( or someone in the Military or Navy), bring them some cheer by throwing a “thank you” party for them. It can be intimate. Or, it can be big! If they are deployed, set the party up where the veteran can also join in (via Skype or Facetime) on the festivities.

Teach a Child What Veterans’ Day is All About –Educate a child about the importance of Veteran’s Day by sharing what you know. Teach them about why we celebrate this day and honor our Veterans.

Do you have other ways to celebrate Veteran’s Day? Let us know and comment below! Until then, Happy Veteran’s Day!

Seahawks Faces 25-17 Loss Against Chargers


Seattle Seahawks faced another disappointing loss after Sunday’s game at the CenturyLink Field against the Los Angeles Chargers with a 25-17 result. Although Seahawks coach Pete Carroll expected a good turnout with three key starters rallied by running back Chris Garson, linebacker K.J. Wright, and safety Bradley McDougald, the team fell short after the Chargers earned their best start of 6-2 since 2006.

Pinning hopes over quarterback Russell Wilson after bringing eight points to the team with only 1:50 minutes remaining, Seahawks managed to reach five plays before barging into the L.A. 30-yard line. Seahawks also managed to take the lead during the initial round of the game, with 7-0 achieved by Wilson after his 10-yard strike to wide receiver Jaron Brown.

But just as the Seahawks aimed for victory, it was the Chargers who claimed it with running back Melvin Gordon’s 34-yard rushing touchdown and wide receiver Keenan Allen’s 54-yard reception from quarterback Philip Rivers. Rivers also made his 200th consecutive start with his 13-of-26 for 228 yards.

The Seahawks is set to reclaim their glory as the team looks forward to their next game with L.A. Rams on the 11th this month at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.



How to prepare your garden for the winter


For many, winter actually reveals itself in November. So, it’s the perfect time to get your landscape ready for the cold season. You don’t have to exert much effort to complete what you need in order to prepare for winter. With simple tips, maintaining your garden during winter will help your plants last up to spring!

Remove weeds and dead leaves

Dead leaves and weeds get frozen beneath the snow. Although you may not have to do this only to prepare your garden for the winter, uprooting weeds and raking off dead leaves from your lawn and garden will not only help clear your yard but will also prevent the paths from becoming slippery when covered with snow. Reducing unnecessary growth over your garden will also provide a healthier environment for your plants.

Protect potted plants from the cold

Protect your potted plants from the freezing temperature when winter comes. You can choose to bring some of them inside your house, but this applies significantly to ornamental plants. For your plants outdoors, especially those situated over your lawn or yard, there are various techniques to prevent their stems or roots from freezing. One of the effective ways is to cover the pots with bubble wrap or hessian wrapping. This is also to keep them warm.

Prepare your soil

As seasons change, so does the environment. Although winter may bring the cold into your neighborhood, there is no guarantee that your plants will still be the same after they go through months of it. This is why it is also important to apply fertilizer over your garden’s soil to help your plants cope with the coldest days in the season. Fertilizers will also help retain your plants’ quality.

Ready your garden tools

Using the right tools will help you complete these tasks easily. Whether you plan to trim excess leaves or rake weeds right off your lawn, tools like shears and rakes will help you get the job done conveniently. It’s important that you maintain your tools and keep them in proper storage to use them once you prepare your garden for the winter.

Winter may come soon, and if you keep a garden at home, you can start preparing your plants for the changes that come with the season. These tips can help you get started!

Seahawks 28 Lions 14: Chances for playoffs


Seattle Seahawks won against the Detroit Lions 28-14. Sports analysts have deemed this game a loss for the Seahawks, but  they proved them all wrong. The team and fans alike can hope for a more realistic dream of making it in the playoffs.

Showstopping highlights from the game were from quarterback Russell Wilson and receiver David Moore.

According to, Russell Wilson was on the top of his game. He did 3 touchdowns, no interceptions, and 15 yards rushing — truly  commendable for Wilson who has done 9 touchdowns and 1 interception over the last three games. We’ll probably see more of him on the field this coming November with Seahawks competing against the LA Chargers.

6’0’’ receiver David Moore’s development is one for the books this season. Moore made 4 catches for 97 yards with his clever positioning and big-bodied attitude.

The third-down conversion that coach Pete Carroll successfully challenged during this game was the stuff of legends. The new catch rule went in favor of the team. Renowned sports analyst Samuel Gold even complimented Carroll for the call.

Before playoffs turn into a reality, the team will face off against the Los Angeles Chargers (5-2) on Sunday, November 4 at the CenturyLink Field. It will be broadcasted at 1:05 PM PT on CBS.