Decorate Your Deck for Summer Parties and Cookouts


You wake up on a weekend and realize you have nothing to do. Your workload is miraculously off your shoulders for at least a couple of days. You look outside your window and see your deck. It’s just there – drab, disinteresting, and deserted. You ask yourself, “Why do I even have a deck?”

Here are some tips on how to spruce up that deck and have that summer party even your neighbors will be envious about. (Spoiler alert: They won’t be able to see anything. Read along.)


You’d want your deck to feel welcoming to your guests. So, opt for comfortable furniture, which is also weathering appropriate outdoors. You can’t go wrong with wicker paired with fluffy and homey cushions. And pillows! Lots and lots of pillows.


You’ve heard this before, but we cannot stress this enough. Color can really influence a person’s mood. So if you want your guests to be lively during the party, fill your deck with bright and energetic colors like red, orange, or yellow. If you just want to lounge with them, then choose neutral colors like white and beige.


Just because your party is outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t avoid the neighbors from snooping around. Use single lattice frames for that semi-private garden feel. Line your potted tall shrubs. For example, a wall of evergreens can give you privacy and sophistication.


Speaking of which, decorate your deck with potted plants. You can put them anywhere – on the table, on the side, or hanging on the lattice. It can be any plant. It could be the succulents you’ve hoarded since the trend or your personal home garden. you can put them there. Just tell your guests to be careful with the plants. Better yet, put a sign that says, “Fragile!”

Accent Piece

It could be anything. It could be the Persian rug your grandmother gave you or your daughter’s first painting. Just think that it’s the first thing your guests will notice when they get out on the deck.


Your deck isn’t just for daytime. With strategic mood lighting, it can transform into a quick romantic spot for you and your partner. Before the sun sets, nudge your guests out and enjoy the stars together.

Isn’t that exciting? Call your guests now and get those creative juices into reality. With those tips up your sleeve, you’re sure to have that summer outdoor party.

Did you pull off that party with our tips? How did it go? We’d love to hear how your outdoor summer party went. Share your photos with us!