Camping Checklist for Summer


Summer Camp

Planning on a camping trip this summer with your friends or family? Great! There’s no better time to go outside and experience the beauty of Summer in the Pacific Northwest. But the last thing any camper wants to do is leave something behind that they’ll need for the trip. Here’s a list of some of the camping supplies you should definitely bring with you on your next outdoor adventure:

  • Shelter:

    • Tent

    • Ground Cloth/Tarp

    • Extra Stakes

    • An Axe or Hammer

    • Dust Pan/Brush

  • Bedding:

    • Sleeping Bag

    • Sheets/Blankets

    • Pillow

    • Air Mattress/Sleeping Pad

    • Air Pump/Air Mattress Repair Kit

  • Clothing:

    • Shoes/Boots

    • Pants/Belt

    • T-Shirts, Socks (extra socks), Sweatshirt, Underwear

    • Rain Gear

    • Swimsuit

  • Cooking:

    • Large Water Jug/Bucket

    • Coolers/Ice

    • Matches/Lighter

    • Trashbags

    • Soap

    • Paper Towels

    • Utensils

    • Plates

  • Personal:

    • Tooth Brush

    • Deodorant

    • Razor

    • Feminine Products

  • Miscellaneous:

    • First Aid Kit

    • Sunscreen

    • Lantern (With Extra Batteries)

    • Sunglasses

    • Money/ID/Phone

    • Road Flares

While this list doesn’t represent every single thing to bring with you, it’s a good foundation to start. You’ll want to make sure you dedicate a good amount of time to planning and double checking that you have everything you’ll need. Talk to your group about which activities you’ll want to do on the camping trip and make sure you bring all the necessary items associated with those activities. Remember, if you cover your bases ahead of time and go through your checklist thoroughly, you won’t have to worry about anything once you get there and just be able to relax and enjoy yourself!