Carpet Cleaning Tips For Winter



While the outdoors may take on the majority of winter’s wrath, that doesn’t mean the inside of your home is immune. Dirt, snow, and all sorts of different outdoor elements can make their way into your home, turning that nice living room carpet a much darker tone than it should be. Here are a few quick tips for keeping your carpets clean throughout winter:

  • Outside Maintenance: Stop things from tracking inside by cleaning just outside your doors. The patios or front steps can be cluttered with leaves and other sorts of debris that can find its way into your home. Keep the path going into your home as clean as possible.

  • Mats: Outdoor mats outside the front door are very common, but having one on the inside as well will do double the work to keep dirt from coming into your home. It’s also a good hint for any house guests as they’re more likely to wipe off their feet before wandering around your home.

  • Shoeless: Removing shoes before you walk through the inside of your home will do wonders to cut down on the cleaning. You’ll spend a lot less time cleaning those carpets every year. For those who feel more comfortable with their shoes on, consider investing in some indoor slippers that guests can slip on right over their shoes.

  • Pets: Don’t expect your dog or cat to have the same respect for cleanliness as you do. Dogs that come inside from walks are likely to track in dirt and other debris. Make sure you’re taking time to clean off their paws and anything else that might get unwanted dirt on the carpet.

  • Vacuum: Make a habit of vacuuming often. This will help in preventative maintenance just as much as it would during a spill clean up. Don’t give dirt time to adhere to your carpet. The last thing you’d want is a stain on your carpet that can’t be removed.