Catch the Largest Trout-perch at Lake Sammamish


Do you wish to see the largest trout-perch in Lake Sammamish this weekend? You might even catch it yourself! This freshwater fish comes in schools for its seasonal migration and you wouldn’t want to miss the catch! Bring your family and friends along, too.

This Saturday (May 18), head on to the Lake Sammamish State Park for the 2nd Lake Sammamish Perch Derby. Presented by Trout Unlimited, the fishing tournament is open to children and adults alike! If you haven’t tried fishing yet, this would be your chance to test the waters. If fishing is your forte, then consider this event a challenge.

Competitions are all set for the tournament with divisions for adults and kids. Prizes will be given to registered participants who can haul in each of the longest, the heaviest of the catch, and the heaviest 25 perch. Lucky anglers will also receive bonus prizes for the heaviest pikeminnow they catch by their rods.

Registration opens at 7 AM. But if you plan on coming earlier, you’re free to witness the sky change its hue to welcome a bright new day. Spend time to admire the scenery with the trees and the mountain ranges surrounding Lake Sammamish while waiting for the action to officially start at 8 AM.

Participating in the tournament will not only give you, your family, or your friends a delightful weekend, but will also help with the kokanee recovery work for Lake Sammamish. This project restores the little redfish’s population by improving their habitat and the lake’s water quality. Proceeds of the tournament will support this effort. This is made possible with the partnership of the Bellevue-Issaquah Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Urban Wildlife Refuge Partnership (UWRP) and the Kokanee Work Group (KWG).

If you’re planning to see the largest trout-perch at Lake Sammamish, take your chance this Saturday!