Christmas Traditions with the Family


Thinking of starting a Christmas tradition with you and your family? Begin with simple yet heartwarming ones. These activities for all ages will help your family bond over the holidays.

Take the kids outside for a quick winter walk to gather evergreen branches and pine cones. Trim some from the bottom of your Christmas tree. Attach your greens to a foam or wire ring and allow the kids to decorate it with Christmas ornaments and bows.

Watch Movies
Watch Christmas movies! You could also spread out your movie marathon over the course of a week. Let each family member choose a favorite holiday flick to watch. If your family is quirky and think Christmas movies are cheesy, watch horror movies instead. Screaming together all huddled in the living room is a great bonding moment.

Hot Chocolate Buffet

Enjoy the cold December with a mug of hot choco. Up your game with a buffet of toppings for your cocoa such whipped cream, marshmallows, crushed candy canes, shaved chocolate, chocolate chips, and cinnamon dots. The kids will love customizing their hot cocoa — a fun and easy activity for Christmas Eve.

Christmas Cookies

There are many holiday cookies you can choose from. Choose a simple recipe that children of all ages can get involved in the kitchen. Younger kids can add pre-measured ingredients, stir the bowl and decorate cooled cookies. Older kids can pitch in at any stage.

Wear Tacky Christmas Sweaters

It’s cold and grandma knitted you the annual Christmas sweaters. Wear them with pride and be tacky with the rest of your family. It looks horrible in the photos but it can definitely keep you warm. Plus, laughing at each other is fun, too.

Write a Letter to Santa

Encourage your kids to write a letter to Santa. You’d be surprised at what they’ll write about. It can be amusing when kids say (or write) the darndest things. When they’re done, they can hang it on the Christmas tree or slip them in their Christmas stockings.

When everything is all said and done, just enjoy each other’s company. Savor each moment. Who knows, maybe one day it’ll become a story you’ll be telling for years to come. And, isn’t that what Christmas is about?