Creative Ways to Make A Small Bedroom Spacious



Sometimes there’s one bedroom in your house that you just wish was a little bigger. And while it’s not really possible to go in and physically extend the space you want to be bigger, you can add little touches here and there  to make it appear more spacious. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are some to  get started:

  • Light Colored Paint: Lighter colored paint on the walls will better help reflect the light and make the room seem brighter and roomier. Definitely avoid dark colored paint for the walls.

  • Dark Colored Ceilings: To offset the light colored walls, paint the ceilings with darker colors. This can trick the observer’s eye and cause them to look upward, making the room appear larger.

  • Avoid Excessive Furniture: This may go without saying, but the less crowding of different furniture and other design items will do well to make the bedroom seem less cluttered. Folding desks and other furniture that can stack or be tucked away would work really well!

  • Keep Low to the Ground: More head space means more space overall for your bedroom. Try and stay away from chairs and tables if at all possible.

  • Mirrors: A well placed mirror in the bedroom will not only help you reflect light, but it can also give your space more depth and height. Placing a mirror near the window can also assist in giving the room a wider sense of space.