How To Decorate Your Front Porch Or Entryway



Your front porch/entryway is usually a visitor’s first impression of your home in general. And while this area of the house usually doesn’t get much use until the warmer months arrive, it’s still important that it look its best! Here are a few decorating tips that can help you make the most of your front porch and entryway:

  • Lead With Your Walkway: Use your walkway as an opportunity to lead your guests down a decorated path that is at least 3-4 feet wide. Inserting some plants and shrubs along the side of the walkway can accentuate the design of not only your entryway and front porch, but the surrounding landscape as well.

  • Farmer’s Market Front Porch: Add some life (literally) to your front porch by placing different herbs and flowers around it. This way, your guests will be greeted with beautiful color and wonderful smells before you’ve even answered the door.

  • Furniture: Nothing makes an area more inviting than some furniture. Adding an outdoor daybed or some patio chairs can help bring more comfort to your entryway, while also encouraging yourself and guests to spend more time out on the patio. Feeling like unwinding at the end of the day? Grab a book and a glass of wine and kick back outside in your new patio furniture!

  • The Unexpected: While flowers and furniture are standard design accessories for a patio, set yourself apart from the pack by including something unexpected in your entryway. It could be some vintage end tables, a few decorative suitcases, or a quirky garden gnome. The key is to look for something strange, yet oddly fitting to your patio’s aesthetic.

  • Featured photo courtesy of ntm1909 via Flickr