DIY Holiday Decorations For Your Home


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Nothing says “Holiday Cheer” like a few festive decorations around your home. It helps put people in the holiday spirit, and it makes for fun projects you can work on with the whole family. Here are a few simple ideas to try out this year:

  • Plaid Stockings: Any old blankets or scarves made of plaid can be transformed into cozy stockings that hang above the fireplace. You can do the same using old quilts as well!

  • Mason Jar Christmas Tree: Stack a few mason jars filled with colorful ornaments into a pyramid formation and place some tinsel, greenery, or lights around it for a fun little mantlepiece display. Just don’t forget to put a star on top to complete the tree!

  • Rustic Entrance: Throw a few decorative touches on your front door by adding some pine branches around the door handle.

  • Pinecone Ornaments: Take the family out in the yard to pick out some pinecones, then spray paint them white and attach a string to turn them into beautiful ornaments that will add some touches of winter to your Christmas Tree.