DIY Home Renovation Ideas



Odds are if you’re a homeowner, there are some things around the house you’d like to fix up. Oftentimes these home renovation projects can take up a lot of time and even more money. Maybe you’re not looking for a complete overhaul when it comes to renovation, but rather a few simple DIY projects that you can handle on your own. If that’s the case, here are a few popular DIY home renovation ideas you can try out this spring:

  • Clean Vinyl Siding: This can make your house look new for years, but if unattended, your vinyl siding can start to look a little dingy. To clean, all you need is a long-handled scrub brush, good-quality cleaner, and a hose. Experts recommend this over trying to use a power washer. Remember, sometimes the best solution is also the least expensive!

  • Removable Wallpaper: Update your walls by sprucing up the front of your stair steps with a bit of removable wallpaper. It’s a stylish and affordable way to update your space with a low amount of upfront investment. Plus it’s easy to add to it or change the colors around later if you want.

  • Paint Walls: While this is a cheaper solution than hiring painters, it does mean you will have to set aside a lot of time to make sure it’s done properly. But as long as you prepare properly beforehand and make sure everything is squared away, the actual painting process should be a walk in the park.

  • Rejuvenate Bathroom: While upgrading your bathroom with a full renovation is quite costly, adding a few touches here and there can give your bathroom the look of a big renovation without having to spend a lot of money. Whether it’s replacing a shower door or shower head, replacing cabinet pulls, or installing a grab bar, there are plenty of things you can do to breathe new life into your bathroom.

  • Add Wall Art: New art on the walls and around the home can also bring new energy to a living space. Just make sure to measure your walls and marks very carefully before you just commit to drilling holes in the wall.