Do’s and Don’ts of Patio Maintenance


The outdoor elements of winter can cause a lot of strain on patios. And while you may already be thinking of ways to get your patio back into shape, there are a few things you should watch out for. Here are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of patio maintenance to keep in mind before you bring your work:

  • DO’s

    • DO seal your wooden deck every few years. Choose a one-step product that combines but stain and sealer to save you some time.

    • DO be careful with power washing. Too much pressure tends to damage wood and stone surfaces.

    • DO sweep away debris on a regular schedule. Dirt that gets trapped can lead to mold, rot, and stains. Some preventative sweeping is much better.

    • DO re-arrange the furniture at least once a year. People that live in more mildew-prone areas of the country should especially be careful since water can become trapped over time.

  • DON’TS

    • DON’T sand your wooden deck before sealing. It’s only a good idea to do so if the surface of your deck has become too rough.

    • DON’T paint your deck (if you can help it). The painting will only create more maintenance later, and moisture can tend to get trapped underneath the paint as well.

    • DON’T feel obligated to seal your patio.Since you have to re-seal about every two years, it’s not really worth it to seal the deck. If you want that “wet” look, it would be better to seal the hardscape.

    • DON’T go overboard with the washing. Normal wear and tear on a patio is normal and should be cleaned, but if you clean before that build up occurs, you risk damaging your deck even further.