Eggstravaganza at YMCA: The Egg-citing Easter Event


Prepare your family for the fun-filled eggstravaganza activities at the YMCA this Easter! As you know, the Easter season will not be complete if egg-hunting and similar activities don’t  take place.

For many, you can expect super fun egg-tivities at the Sammamish YMCA for your family to enjoy!

If you’re planning to spend Easter at YMCA, here are some of the activities to expect or look forward to for the Eggstravanza:

  • Egg Hunting – How is Easter complete without an Easter egg hunt and Easter bunny? Get your baskets ready and dress the part for some serious Egg hunting!
  • Games for the Family – What could be a holiday without the participation of families? YMCA has always been devoted to providing you with enjoyable recreational activities. Whether this involves games for the family or activities exclusive to children, you may have to dress up appropriately for the occasion, so you can move freely as you bond with your kids. Be sure to check out the carnival games and bouncy houses for your little ones!
  • Art Activities, Crafts, and More! – Who says the holiday is not meant to test your kids’ creativity? True enough, the egg hunting and games may require them to apply their physical prowess and speed, but for artworks such as egg painting and other crafts, your kid may discover his or her inner Picasso. Needless to mention, most of the Renaissance artists have dedicated their art to manifest their faith. Since Easter is a holiday rooted in Christian roots and tradition, perhaps this theme works well with your kids’ art.

Easter’s Eggstravaganza is held at the Sammamish YMCA on April 7 and begins at 11 am sharp for ages 3 and over, and 10:00-11: 30 am for ages 3 and younger in the Toddler egg hunt area. Get there a bit early since parking is limited! We’ll see you there!