Energy Efficient Tips For Your Home During Winter



Winter provides an interesting dilemma for homeowners everywhere. You want to save money on your energy bill each month, but you also don’t want to freeze to death. Luckily there are some things you can do to make the winter easier on both your wallet and body temperature. Here are some helpful tips to consider:

  • Sunlight: Open all the curtains on any windows that face towards the south windows during the day. This will allow natural sunlight to heat up your home. Just remember to close them at night to reduce the chill you may feel from colder windows.

  • Cover Drafty Windows: Use a clear plastic sheet (heavy-duty is preferable) on a frame or tape the plastic film to the inside of the window frames. Ensure that the plastic is sealed tightly to help reduce any cold air infiltration. You can always install insulating drapes or shades as well if you’d like.

  • Adjust the Temperature: Make sure you’re being diligent about setting your temperature. When you’re home and awake, set it to the lowest temperature you’re comfortable with. When you’re out of the house or going to bed, the temperature doesn’t need to be that high at all. No reason to use the heat if there’s nobody around to use it!

  • Find/Seal Leaks: Seal any air leaks around utility cut-throughs for pipes, gaps around the chimney area, as well as recessed lights that may be insulated within the ceilings.

  • Reduce Heat Loss From Fireplace: Keep the fireplace damper closed unless there’s currently a fire burning in it. If you never use your fireplace, plug and seal the chimney flute. But if you’re someone who constantly uses it, consider installing tempered glass doors and a heat-air exchange system that will blow warm air back into the room.