Energy-Saving Hacks for Summer


The blistering summer heat can cost hundreds of dollars in electricity bills. These simple tweaks can significantly lower your utility cost and maximize your home’s energy efficiency. It’s time to consider using these energy and money- saving tips for the summer!

Clean Your Appliances

Did you know you can reduce your fridge’s energy consumption by 30% by just cleaning its coils? Remove built-up dust and debris in your appliances to boost their efficiency, performance, and lifespan. Inspect your ducts and vents for any damages that can cause an air leak.

Skip the Dryer!

Use cold water in washing and rinsing your clothes as well as doing your dishes. This will save 90% of the cost of using hot water.  Consider air drying your clothes to cut down cost. Try using your dishwasher on full load and deactivate it before it hits the drying cycle.

Install  Windows Treatments

Windows can let in too much heat during hot days. Use insulating window treatments such as roller blinds to reduce heat gain.  Make sure that your windows are properly closed to trap more cool air inside your home.

Check the Air Conditioner

Check your air filter and have it cleaned to ensure proper air flow. Schedule regular maintenance checks and clean up every two months for maximum efficiency.

Seal Any  Air Leaks

Seal air leaks to save as much as $200 annually.  Air leaks come from your attic, doors, windows, vents, electric outlets, and plumbing. Fill the gaps inside and outside your home using expandable foam. Sealing air leaks ensures that your home has proper ventilation and airflow.

Enjoy lighter utility costs (and a cooler home during the hot summer months) using these savvy energy-saving summer hacks!