Energy-Saving Tips for Spring


Saving energy this Spring might not be on the forefront of your mind—but it should be. After a long winter using heaters, holiday lights, and maximizing your kitchen appliances baking all those cookies, your energy bill and bank account could use a little TLC this Spring! If you can program your thermostat to change throughout the day depending on if you’re home or not, or when the weather outside changes, that’s great! But, if you don’t have that luxury, here are a few tips to saving energy as we enter into the new season.

  • Use Ceiling Fans – Ceiling fans ( or regular fans if you don’t have them) create a cooling effect, which helps circulate the cool air throughout the home. This is a great alternative to cranking up your AC all the time in the Spring and Summer.
  • Open Windows at Night – Instead of the AC blasting all night, crack some windows, so the night’s cool air can come through to soothe you from the heat. This is a huge energy-save, especially in the summer.
  • Install Window Coverings – Block the sun’s heat by installing shades or curtains on your larger doors or windows. This can greatly improve your energy efficiency throughout the day, especially while you’re gone.
  • Use Major Appliances Morning or Night – There’s no doubt that using larger appliances like the washing machine and dryer, dishwasher or oven can radiate heat and compete with your cooling systems. That’s why doing the laundry and baking is best served in the early morning or at night before the sun gets too hot.

With these easy and efficient tips, you’ll notice small changes in your energy bill over time that add up to large savings overall. Happy energy-saving!