Fall Maintenance Checklist



Homeowners know that fall usually means more maintenance. And while this is never a huge highlight in anyone’s year, getting these tasks taken care of early can save you a lot more time down the road. If you’re trying to gather a list together of all the things you need to accomplish, here are a few areas we recommend when it comes to tidying up your property:

  • Trees/Shrubs: We all love the beautiful colors of the leaves, but those trees aren’t going to take care of themselves. You could always consider hiring an arborist that can spot poor tree health early on as well the maintain the proper pruning to ensure the trees don’t lose a lot of limbs during winter storms. Fungicide injections can also be used to prevent other tree diseases such as diplodia.

  • Rake: Again, we all know the fall leaves look great on the ground. But raking them up is important, mainly because you don’t want winter snow to cover the leaves that are resting on top of your lawn. This will inhibit growth when it comes time for spring, so make sure you’re regularly raking those leaves.

  • Gutters/Downspouts: To avoid clogged gutters that cause pooling water that can potentially damage your roof or siding, make sure you clean out the gutters and downspouts.

  • Stock Up for Winter: If you live in an area where the winter brings cold temperatures, you can stay one step ahead by collecting a few supplies while it’s still autumn. Make sure all snow shovels and ice scrapers are in prime condition, buy a pet and plant safe ice melt, and restock all of your emergency kits that you keep in your home or car.