Fireplace Makeover Tips



As great as it is enjoying the beautiful outdoors here in the Pacific Northwest, the cold weather has started forcing everybody inside. For many, that means getting the fireplace ready for those social evenings with friends and family, and all joined around a fire. But if you’re not satisfied with its current condition and are instead looking to spruce it up, here are some makeover ideas that will have your fireplace looking better than ever:

  • Painted Brick: Traditionally, most fireplaces have featured the brick design in its natural form, but recently people have been painting the brick to reflect a more modern, contemporary look that compliments a similar design in the surrounding living space. Natural brick doesn’t match with too many modern design schemes, so painting it is a great way to not have your fireplace stand out as much from a color perspective.

  • Side Shelves: Some built-in shelves around the top and sides can really help compliment a fireplace. You can add photos or other pieces of art alongside it, and it will make your room look bigger and taller as a result.

  • Planked Wood Above: Installing planked wood above the fireplace is another way to make the area look bigger as a whole. Match the coloring of the wood panel to the surrounding tile color to really tie the room together.

  • Surrounding Tile: The tile your place around your fireplace really completes the entire aesthetic. After you’ve decided on a color for your brick and any surrounding shelves, consider installing tile with a similar/complementary color.