Fun-Filled Winter Activities for January 2019


Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean your mood has to be as gloomy as the season. There are plenty of indoor activities you can do with your family to warm up the dreary weather.

Take the fun outside

Make most of the season with winter activities that your kids will surely love.  Don’t let the cold wind get in the way of these fun-filled activities:

Ice skating

Winter is the best time to teach your kids ice-skating. With the right coaching and encouraging, you and your kids will have a great time together. Don’t know how to skate either? Consider enrolling the entire family in a class! This is a great way to learn while meeting new people!

Winter Camping

Transform your backyard into a winter mini-camping retreat. This activity requires the right equipment and a lot of preparation. Cozy up in your fleece blanket and enjoy great stories over a cup of hot chocolate! Let your kids roast some marshmallows and hotdogs in your campfire. Camping is a beautiful experience for your family as it brings you closer together.


This winter activity is more popular among older kids, especially teenagers. Snowboarding is a great way to help your kids work with their balance and skills. Make sure the safety gears and equipment fit snugly to you and your kids.

Snow Angels

Forget any winter equipment, just layer up and enjoy the outdoors throwing snowballs. Better yet, lie in your back, spread your arms straight out and swing them to the top of your head and voila, you have your snow angels!

Stay Indoors

If it gets too cold outside, your family can still have fun indoors doing:

Board Games

Take board games to the next level using excellent reward system. Consider classics like Pictionary, Scrabble, Monopoly and Chutes and Ladder.

Movie Time

Get the popcorn ready as the winter season is the best time to catch up with your favorite movies and series. Let a family member choose one movie that you should watch for a day. The other family member gets to decide the next film you should binge. You can also watch a movie or TV series.

Winter doesn’t have to be dreadful when you have a handful of activities for your family. What is your go-to family during this season? Let us know by posting a comment below!