Garden Projects For Early Spring



Spring has officially sprung! And what better way to celebrate than by starting a new garden project! Ensure that your garden is the most beautiful one in the neighborhood by implementing these little projects:

  • Prepare Your Lawn: While your first instinct may be to focus on the flowers or the garden bed, make sure your lawn is in its most pristine condition. Nothing complements a beautiful garden more than a lush, healthy lawn. However at the same time, nothing can detract more from a beautiful garden than an unkempt, browning lawn. Start by raking the lawn to remove any dead grown or winter debris. This will also help bring light into the soil, encouraging the grass to grow.

  • Prepare The Beds/Prune: Start removing all the winter mulch, unless it’s well composted. If it is, you can work that into the soil’s top layer along with some well-rotted manure and leaf mold. Also don’t forget to prune any buds before they bloom or you’ll irritate the tree and get a tiny crop.

  • Divide Perennials: The perfect task for early spring! Encourage more free plants to grow by dividing the perennials. You can plant the divisions in a separate section of the garden, or share them with other garden lovers!

  • Tidy Up Outdoor Seating Area: What use is a garden without an area to admire it? Adding some chairs or a bench near your garden will give you a place to relax, unwind, and admire your hard work. Go even further by adding a few decorative pieces to both the garden bed and the seating area around it.