Gardening Tips for Spring


When we think of spring, we think of beginnings. Flowers bloom and animals wake up from their hibernation. Time to refresh and try something new, right? Why not unearth your green thumb powers this season?

Don’t know where to start? Keep calm. From Martha Stewart to Better Homes & Gardens, we scoured through the internet and picked easy gardening tips you can do yourself.

Check the Yard

Check how your yard is at three levels: above eye level, mid-level, and ground level.

  • Look up and see how your trees are. Are there tree limbs that overhang structures? Take heed of branches that need to be cut down.

  • Check how your shrubs are doing. Do they need trimming? Should you replace these perennials this season?

  • Feel the soil with your bare hands. Assess if you need mulching. Check your fence and pathways whether they need repair.

To-Do List

Once you’re done surveying the yard, make a list. Categorize them into two: DIY or for professionals — because there are tasks you just can’t do on your own. Maybe you want to do it according to garden details: shrubs, trees, hardscaping, landscaping, tools, etc. Plot these tasks on your calendar. Tick each task off the list and enjoy!

Tool Care 101

Give your gardening tools some TLC before you do these tasks. Sharpen pruners before you use them. Unsharpened tools can cause injuries, not to mention inefficiency and crude results. Massage your wooden handles with linseed oil to prevent splinters. Bring them to a tool care specialist if you think this is just too much work cut out for you.

Fill Gaps

Do you see bald spots in your garden? Fill these gaps with plants. You can order trees, shrubs, or perennials to plant for spring. For inspiration, Better Homes and Gardens has a list of the best flowers you can plant for this season.

Mulch Power

The easiest thing you can do for your garden is to add a layer of mulch. You can’t go wrong with it. It’s functional and aesthetically appealing. It gives a manicured look to your yard while suppressing weeds and keeping moisture.

If these things are too tedious for you, you can always ask for professional help. Click here for a list of landscaping and tree care service providers in Seattle. Whether you revamp your front yard on your own or hire someone to do it for you, let us know how your garden looks like. Share photos with us and leave a comment or two below.

Happy gardening!

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels