Home Decor Trends For Spring



As the cold weather fades away and we head into Spring, you may be looking to spruce up things around the house. Maybe you’ve been wanting to incorporate some new design elements like new colors, or maybe you’re not sure what you want and are instead just looking for some seasonal suggestions. Well, you’re in luck. Here are a few of the most popular Spring trends you can try out in your home:

  • Rich Pigments: Color is definitely set to be bolder this year for home decor. People everywhere are making dynamic choices with color when it comes to their walls and furniture. Violet, navy, and green are just a few of the most popular colors that people are gravitating towards.

  • Dark Woods: If you want to bring back a retro, more glamorous look to your furniture, consider going with some darker colored wood for your cabinets, tables, or chairs. Fuse it with some nice metallic handles and you’ll really make your furniture stand out.

  • Artisan Textures: There’s quite a lot you can do when playing around with textures and other materials. Whether that’s wicker furniture or even mixing marble with metal to create a striking, modern looking lamp, that’s completely up to you. But feel free to experiment with different things to see what works best!

  • Tropical Prints: A continuing trend from last year, tropical designs are still alive and well, mixing a lot of bright and bold greens together. The rich shades of green also stand out from furniture that tends to be darker. This aesthetic works well with large-scale leaf prints and other tropical green elements.