Home Heating Myths That Could Be Pushing Up Your Winter Bills



Nobody wants a ridiculously high energy bill during the Winter months while they’re trying to stay warm. We’ve all heard suggestions (whether it be from our neighbors, family, or friends) about what to do, but it’s important to distinguish fact from fiction. After reading a survey from the Energy Saving Trust, here are a few myths about heating that you may have heard before:

  • Myth – Turn the heating up when it’s cold outside: While it may seem like a quick solution, turning the heat up will not be the quick fix you seek. The thermostat is there to control and maintain internal temperature, no matter what the weather outside is like.

  • Myth – Turn up the thermostat to heat the room quicker: Again, the room will not warm up any quicker, but the entire house will slowly become heated to a warmer temperature when adjusting the thermostat. If you’re looking to get warm quick, consider putting on a sweatshirt or thick clothes until the house heats up.

  • Myth – Leave the heat on low constantly: If there’s nobody there to benefit from the heat, then it doesn’t need to stay on low. Don’t let your heating costs rise just to heat an empty room.

  • Myth – Keep water heater on all day so you don’t run out: For a properly insulated hot water tank, water that’s heated for half an hour should stay warm until midday. You can always set your water to come on a half hour before you get up in the morning to shower.