Home Improvement Painting Tips For Spring



Now that the pesky cold and harsh winter weather seems to be behind us, now is the perfect time to start prepping all those spring chores! One of the biggest tasks that can overwhelm a household is painting. Depending on how much painting you’re actually looking to get done, it can be a real time-consuming process, even before you’ve had a chance to lift a paintbrush. Here are a few tips to consider as begin your painting prep work:

  • Plan: Sure this is an obvious first step to take, but people can really take the planning stages for granted. You should be making all of your painting related decisions way ahead of the actual work. Don’t leave anything to chance. The last thing you’d want is to hold off on the rest of the work while you figure out a new strategy.

  • Color: Don’t just choose all your colors at the paint store. To really know the effect a color will have on a particular room, you need to bring the colors into your home and try it out on your walls before you ultimately decide which one looks best.

  • Paint: Paint, like many other substances, has different levels of quality. People are always wondering if there’s really a difference in quality, and the short answer is Yes. High-quality paints don’t fade and also offer some warranties. If you’re going to undertake such a huge project, you might as well go all out and do it the best you can.

  • Prime: It’s an absolute must that you prime your walls. Don’t use all of your expensive up as a primer. But do stay away from paint/primer combos as they’re really just extra thick paint with extra properties.

  • If Needed, Call Professional: When all else fails and if you find yourself becoming completely overwhelmed by the task of painting, you can always call a professional and have them take over. At the end of the day, you just have to weigh the cost of an outside painter versus the effort to just go ahead and do it yourself.