What to Do at Home on Labor Day Weekend


Labor Day could be your last hurrah before summer ends—and what better way to celebrate our freedom to work, then to not work?!. We’ve got the best tips on staying relaxed and creative this Labor-day weekend!

Learn something new. As Labor Day does not require you to attend classes or go to work, treat yourself with a book or a documentary that will help you widen your perspective and learn new things. Cozy up in your living room or unwind at your porch and grab the book you’ve been longing to finish. Settle down in your living room and turn on the television to look for specials that go beyond entertainment. Learning a new skill will also help you relax and take your mind off work and chores. Learn a new recipe and watch a fun movie! Doing something out of the ordinary just yourself or with your family is always a fun thing to do on long weekends!

Bond with your family. Unlike many destinations, there’s no place like home. But spending quality time with your loved ones does not necessarily require you to pack up and bring them somewhere. Spend your Labor Day by watching a movie in the living room or dream up your ideal backyard movie theater and make sketches together! (check out: http://www.lakesammproperties.com/summer-diy-build-backyard-theater/). It can also be a day to play with your kids, cook their favorite meals, or talk with them about how things are going. Use this time to bond, play and talk!

Invite friends over. Invite your favorite people over for BBQ, drinks and fun! Get creative with party decor and the games. Include your family or friends in the event planning and assign people to bring food or refreshments! Make sure you have music to dance the night away!  

Work on Projects!  Labor Although Labor Day is meant for rest, it can also be spent productively by crafting something beautiful out of your free time. This can be painting the walls in your room or redecorating your study, or just getting to an unfinished yard or housework!

Labor Day may mark the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean you can live it up a little longer. Stay home, have fun and take advantage of the long weekend with loved ones!