Host a Winning Super Bowl Party



The Super Bowl is coming up soon! And while Northwest fans may be down that our hometown Seahawks aren’t making an appearance this year, that doesn’t mean we need to let a good opportunity for a party go to waste! If you’re looking to host your first Super Bowl party this year and are wondering where to start, here are some fun suggestions that are sure to make your party stand out:

  • Football-Themed Decor: Aside from just putting up a few football decorations here and there, why not get creative? Cut some drink coasters out of astroturf or set out some potted wheatgrass topped with pennants and mini footballs. The decorations don’t need to be too outlandish, but a few light touches here and there is always fun.

  • Finger Foods: Try to stay away from large and heavy meals on Super Bowl Sunday and focus more and small dishes. Either little sandwiches, cocktail sausages, nachos, would work really well. Set up a buffet station in the kitchen and add some paper plates and utensils for guests to help themselves.

  • Party Games: If there’s a lull in the energy, you can always have some fun party games to play with your guests. Another idea is to hand out Super Bowl Bingo cards and have people stamp their cards when noteworthy events occur in the game until the winner yells, “Bingo!”.

  • Drink Station: Designate a table or corner of your kitchen entirely to the drinks. Have a few big coolers out with beer, along with any other wines or spirits for people to mix their own drinks. If you’re feeling particularly festive, you can always make a Super Bowl Punch!