House Care for Indoor Plants in Winter


Every winter, plants change from their normal state. Either they temporarily wither or they slumber and wait until they wake up in spring. If you are growing indoor plants, maintaining them is important in keeping them healthy and alive. But you don’t have to treat it as a chore; this can be your hobby! With these simple tips, you will more likely see your plants blossom after the winter.

  • Pour water minimally. Although the winter air is drier than any season, indoor plants don’t need much water because it is natural for plants to grow slower in winter. Pouring too much water may cause more harm to your plants than good.
  • Give your houseplants the right amount of sunlight... Plants feed on sunlight for sustenancethis applies to indoor plants as much as it does to outdoor plants that usually hibernate during this cold season. Place your indoor plants near your window or over a spot on your terrace to catch sunlight.
  • Cut down or abstain from using fertilizers. Using too much of something good may lead to harmful effects. Fertilizer is good only when applied in different seasons. Since your plants barely grow during the winter, complications might occur if you force your plants to grow by applying too much fertilizer.
  • Remove wilted leaves.  Just like on regular summer days, removing wilted leaves from your plants will help them stay healthy. Removing decay will help your plants stay fresh even on the coldest days.

Taking care of your plants during any season will help them sustain their health. If you maintain this hobby during the winter, there’s a bigger chance your plants will regain its vibrance in spring.