Huddle Up Indoors


Saying outside is cold is an understatement. It’s more than freezing! So, instead of braving the snow, why not stay inside the comfort of your own home and have fun with your family? Here are some of the things you can do indoors and enjoy each other’s company.

Play House

Remember when you used to play house? Let your kids experience the same thing! Pick up huge boxes from your attic and stack them together to make a house. Take out those colored markers, pencils, paint, and brush and turn your kids into tiny artists. Let them put their phones down and show them that playing in real life can also be fun.


Do you want to blow off some steam? Maybe your kids want it, too? Clear out your living room and make sure the corners are lined with pillows so they don’t get bruised. To add more fun, let them wear your old t-shirts and stuff them with pillows. For sure, you’ll be laughing like a banshee during the match.

Blanket Fort

Take out all your blankets and build a blanket fort with your kids. Tell them your party is on a quest to protect the princess from the huge and vicious dragon invading your fort. Whatever story you can think of, it’s nice to involve them in world-building games because it unleashes their imagination and creativity.

Reading Corner

If all else fails, you can always go to books. Choose a comfortable corner in your home and let everyone read their favorite book. Enjoy the silence while having each other’s company. When you’re all done reading, you can share each other’s insights on your chosen books. Not only will you know more, but your kids get to learn how to communicate and share their own ideas as well.

Did you enjoy our tips? How did it go? Perhaps you have other indoor activities in mind. Comment below and share it with us!