Indoor Houseplants for Winter


Indoor houseplants give your space a vibrant and cozy vibe, but your home can be uninviting for some plants during a bleak, winter season. Fortunately, we gathered a list of low-maintenance indoor houseplants that can withstand the harsh season and help you beat the winter blues:

Do you have trouble sleeping or are you constantly agitated? Try bringing lavender into your home! This lovely flower has a relaxing and calming effect and has been frequently used as an herb to treat fatigue and insomnia. Make sure that your lavender gets enough light by placing it near your window.  You can also mimic the sunlight by exposing your lavender to fluorescent light.

Aloe Vera
Aloes thrives during the winter and blooms beautifully. This common houseplant is best known for soothing burns or skin itches. Spider aloe vera is an interesting choice due to its unique texture and succulent spikes. Plant your aloe vera in well-drained, coarse soil. They should also be placed under bright light. Aloes don’t need much watering since they need dry soil.

Moth Orchid
Brighten up the winter season with this lovely flower. Regardless of its popularity, many still don’t know how to provide the right care for the orchids. Moth orchid is among the most loved orchids since they are the easiest to grow. It requires medium-low light and its flowers last for months. While it only blooms once a year, it can be encouraged to bloom twice.

Weeping Fig
Break away from the typical houseplant and try growing a weeping fig! This tree maintains its tree-like shape no matter their size which makes an excellent centerpiece. Make your fig look unique and stunning by braiding or twisting its pliable trunk. The weeping fig needs a bright room and requires moist soil. However, don’t let it sit in water or the leaves will fall.

Peace lily
Packed with air-purifying properties, this elegant houseplant complements your interior. The peace lily needs warmer temperature and indirect sunlight. They need evenly moist, well-drained soil and at least 55 degrees of heat. You need to re-pot them in larger containers if they wilt every three days.  

Even in the dull winter, these houseplants will surely brighten your day and add more life to your home.