Indoor Plants to Keep Your Homes Cool


It’s best to stay indoors when the summer heat becomes unbearable. But turning on the AC all day might do more harm than good to your bills and the environment. If you want a safer and more affordable way of cooling down, you may need more than just a glass of ice water. Try rooting for something a little more natural. 

Indoor plants can actually keep your home cool. Besides emitting oxygen, indoor plants also absorb heat. They can reduce the temperature by as much as 10 degrees. As these plants absorb heat, they release moisture through the process of transpiration.

  • Aloe Vera. This plant is known for its medicinal wonders. But its thick leaves can do more than just soothe a burnt skin. It can also cool the air indoors.

  • Baby Rubber Pant. This plant will not only grow by pinching the tips of its leaves but will also release high levels of oxygen.
  • Golden Pothos. Part decorative, this plant is made for hanging as its vines spill over the brim and cascade over its pot.
  • Areca Palm Tree. It may not be as tall as a tropical palm tree, but it does filter harmful chemicals from the air beside cooling it.
  • Fiscus Tree. As the official tree of Bangkok, this ornamental plant can help eliminate formaldehyde so you can breathe safely without any risk for diseases.
  • Boston Fern. Common in humid swamps and forests, this plant brings the cool air wherever it’s grown.
  • Snake Plant. It’s not reptilian and it doesn’t even slither, but it grows densely and helps reduce heat.


Summer heat can be uncomfortable, but nature has its way of balancing the extremes!