How to Keep your Home Smelling Great


As a homeowner, there is nowhere else as personal to you as your home. But maintaining it is not exclusive to chores or renovation. The scent within matters just as much as its appearance.

With just a few tricks, you can make your home smell amazing!

Cleanliness is key. Dirt, stain, or dust can contribute greatly to any existing smell. Cleaning your house regularly will prevent any odor that they can cause. But any chore can be a challenge when you work a full-time job away from home. Try to consider contacting housekeeping services if you’re in this situation. But you can do it on your own if you make time for it. With small steps such as putting the plates into the dishwasher after meals, cleaning the curtains, or vacuuming the carpet, you will be sure to have a home that is spotless and fresh.  

Let the fresh air in. Odor lingers in the air, and air can easily pass through your home. But you don’t have to always rely on ventilation to keep your home smelling amazing. By opening windows and doors, you let fresh air enter. Chances are, any odor that has stayed in your house may also leave once the windows or any outlet is open. Welcome the fresh air like a guest.

Root for organic. Spraying air fresheners can be effective. But some bottles can be costly or smell fake. If you want to try something new and affordable try rooting for plants. Indoor plants can eliminate bad odor from the air the way they absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Some plants do not only release oxygen, but they emanate fragrance as well. You might be interested in pulling a green thumb and start tending jasmine, gardenia, scented geraniums, citrus, lavender, and orchids in your home!

Don’t store dirt. Bacteria that comes from spoiled leftovers or the garbage can spread in the air. Not only will they cause bad odor, they may also be dangerous to your health when inhaled. Empty your garbage regularly and keep spoiled things off of your property.

Be creative. Who says keeping your home smell amazing can’t be fun? Cleaning can be a first step, but you can go the extra mile with your creativity. You can start by customizing containers for automatic air fresheners. This way, they won’t only keep the air fresh for you, but they can also be alternatives to the decor. You may also consider lighting colorful scented candles during special occasions.

Just like your home’s appearance, its scent matters. Keeping your home smelling great will not only lift your mood with its fragrance but will also be proof that your house is clean and that you are safe from possible airborne diseases.