Lake Fishing Hotspots in Washington


fishing hotspots

Washington is home to some great bodies of water. Not only are these used for swimming, boating, and kayaking, but they’re used for great fishing as well! Take time to unwind from all the stress in your life by relaxing near the water with your fishing pole at these favorite Washington hotspots:

  • Southwest: Riffe Lake in Lewis County is one of the best and largest options to experience many different species of fish. Smallmouth bass, along with several species of trout and salmon like to settle near the deeper water in Riffe Lake. Swofford Pond, which is reasonably close, is a more secluded fishing spot that’s home to catfish, panfish, and even a couple giant brown trout!

  • High-Elevation: There are several lakes that are located within Cascades National Park, which includes Gorge Lake and Diablo Lake. Here you’ll get to see a high population of wild rainbow trout along with several other trout and salmon species. Washington’s largest cold-water inland lake, Lake Chelan, is also home to lake trout, rainbow trout, and chinook salmon throughout its 35,600 acres.

  • Urban Spots: Luckily for Seattle residents and those who live close by, you can still experience great fishing without having to travel hours to remote locations outside the city. The Puget Sound is home to many species of trout, perch, and bass. Both Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish are quite well known for fishing as well. In fact, residents living near the coasts of these lakes can sometimes be seen fishing right from their deck!

Remember, in order to go fishing anywhere in Western Washington, you need a fishing license, which can be easily purchased at sporting good stores and bait shops across the state.