Lake Sammamish Adventure: Things Every Paddler Should Know



Nothing beats a calm and relaxing morning on the lake kayaking. While estimated to be over 4,000 years old, kayaks were first used to hunt on inland lands. Luckily we get to enjoy them now as a recreational activity. Are you thinking of becoming a paddler yourself? Here are the top things that every paddler should know:

  • Steadying Your Boat: A good trick to know when getting in/out of your kayak is to keep it steady by placing your paddle across the kayak (just below the cockpit) while keeping one end extended to the shore. After that, just grab the paddle shaft and cockpit rim with one hand as you ease in/out of your kayak.

  • Bring A Dry Bag: The last thing you want is to get all your valuables wet. Make sure you tightly pack a dry bag with no bulky items and softer items toward the top while making sure it’s not too full. Press down on the bag to purge out all the air, and fold it instead of rolling it before sealing it up tight.

  • Safety First: Make sure you’re properly stocked with the right safety equipment before you go out. This includes items needed for an emergency like a phone and map, as well as a wet suit. And even if you’re an experienced swimmer, it’s very important to have a life jacket on. The life you save might just be your own.

  • Learn Basic Techniques: To avoid overworking yourself and losing stamina to wasted paddling techniques, search Youtube for some basic/fundamental paddling movements and information. That way you’ll get a visual aid that you’ll be able to come back to when you hit the water for the first time.