Low-Tech Ways To Keep Your House Warm Over The Winter



Tis the season for colder weather. And while plenty of heating companies may be pressuring you to install a new system or other expensive additions to your heating system, there are a few cheap, low-tech ways to retain heat in your home. Here are a few quick suggestions:

  • Tin Foil: If you want to prevent unnecessary heat loss from radiators (especially those that are attached to external walls), you can use heat reflective aluminum foil behind the radiator. This will help keep heat from disappearing through the wall and instead reflect it back into the room.

  • Thick Curtains: Curtains with thermal lining are another cheaper option for retaining heat inside your home. The thicker the curtains, the better. But if you don’t want to buy completely new ones and are looking to save a little bit more money, you can always cover your existing curtains in a cheap fleece material.

  • Sunlight: Sometimes the best source of heat comes right from the original source. Letting the sunlight in during the day will help do a lot of the work in heating your home while you’re away at work.

  • Cover Bare Floorboards: Since floors account for as much as 10% of heat loss if not insulated, it’s better to get them covered if there are any cracks or gaps in the flooring. Also, floorboards and skirting boards have been known to contract, expand, or slightly move with everyday use, so just make sure to use a filler that can tolerate movement.

  • Setting Timers: Having trouble keeping track of when to turn the heat one? Just set some timers for yourself that will give you reminders so you’re not using the heat more than you need to.