Must Try Spring Landscape Projects



Springtime is here, so what better time to get started on those landscaping ideas that you’ve had brewing all winter long? With the sun finally starting to come out (and staying out later in the day) there are a number of different things you can try out. Just keep these tips in mind before you commit to any new landscaping projects:


  • Take A Look: Take some time to walk around your property and take notes. Some areas of your yard will want to just be maintained a little more, others will need more extensive work done.

  • Plan Ahead: This goes without saying, but never start a landscaping project without a detailed, step-by-step plan. When you’re going section by section, try to envision how everything will look 5-10 years down the line rather than how it will look once the landscaping is completed.

  • Trim, Trim, Trim: When it comes to plants, shrubs, and trees, early spring is the right time to prune. When you remove the dead or diseased branches, it improves the health of the plant overall and allows sunlight to have better access.

  • Mulch It: After all the hard work has been completed, spread mulch to the flower beds along with your other trees and plants. This will add to the appeal and look while also allowing the plant life to absorb the needed nutrients and retain moisture as well.

  • Maintain: Unfortunately, taking care of landscaping requires regular maintenance or it’s likely to fall back into its old habits. The trick is to create a consistent maintenance schedule, but the real test of your efforts will ultimately be whether or not you adhere strictly to this schedule over time.