National Poetry Month


Established by the Academy of American Poets in 1996, National Poetry Month is one of the “largest literary celebrations in the world with schools, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and poets celebrating poetry’s vital place in our culture,” according to April is the perfect month to acknowledge the importance of reading and writing poetry because it represents a time of renewal, hope, reflection, growth and the revitalization and beauty of nature, which are all common themes of poetry. This month, inspire your whole family to celebrate and honor National Poetry Month with these creative activities:

Participate in Poetry Contests

Whether it’s held at your child’s school ( check with the librarian or their English teacher!), online or at your local library, there are poetry contests held all the time, especially during the month of April. Take a risk and go for it! Prizes sometimes in scholarship money or even getting your poem published!

Read the Classics

This a great time to introduce the classic poets to your whole family. Read up on classic poetry by poets like Walt Whitman,  Robert Frost, Emily Dickenson, William Wordsworth and more! Or visit your local library and talk to the librarian for more inspiration on classic poets–there are hundreds of amazing writers from each genre that inspired writing poetry for generations to come.

Go see a poetry reading

From coffee shops to theaters, venues like these most likely offer special open mic nights for poetry readings. This is a fantastic event for all ages and shows just how powerful poetry can be when shared with an audience. Check your local newspapers or online calendars at popular venues in your city. Or, call your local library or community center for more information!

Journal: You don’t have to celebrate in public or share your poems with others to honor National Poetry Month. Taking the time to journal and write your thoughts down (which can turn into poems!) is a great way to celebrate poetry month. Use nature, music or your own life as inspiration for your writings.

We hope you’re inspired by National Poetry Month and learn a little more about the beauty and creative outlet that poetry represents—and, who knows, maybe you’ll love it and start writing your own!