New Activities for Memorial Day


We know Memorial Day as the national day of remembrance. It’s the time of the year when we commemorate the heroes who have fought and died for our country’s freedom and rights. We recall not just their names or medals, but also reflect on their service and bravery.

Commemorating our fallen heroes on May 27 entails participation. From visiting cemeteries and leaving flags or flowers on the soldiers’ graves to flying a flag and parading with veterans and military men, traditions have been passed down to generationssome of which have existed since World War I.

Besides customary practices, you can celebrate Memorial Day by doing something good for the community.

Host a luncheon or dinner

Hosting meals will bring the community together. Throw a simple luncheon or dinner with your family, friends, and neighbors. This is an opportunity to share stories and memories of loved ones who spent the last years of their lives serving the country.

Bring the family to a memorial site

As this falls on a long weekend, you may plan to take your family on a trip down memory lane. Memorials exist in almost every city. Not only will this be educational, but historical accounts of victory may also inspire your kids to pursue their own acts of dedication and honor someday.

Volunteer at a local event

Benefit concerts are among the most popular tribute activities during Memorial Day. Participate by organizing, promoting or attending local events for a cause such as music festivals, boat parties,  and marathons. You can also volunteer in small fund-raising programs for homeless or disabled veterans and their families.

Donate to the Department of U.S. Veterans Affairs

This is another way to support war survivors. Your donations may be allocated to a VA facility or handed to a retired veteran of your choice. You can also offer monetary support for VA Medical Centers.  

Let us honor the sacrifices our heroes had made for the country. Make every moment count this Memorial Day.