Pet Care for Winter


Your furry friends cannot tolerate the harsh winter season. It is essential to protect them against the cold temperature as much as you would secure yourself.  Keep them warm and comfortable during the cold season by adjusting your pet care routine!

Pay attention to their diet

Some animals consume more during winter since they burn more energy to stay warm. Others would prepare to hibernate. Observe your pets’ eating habits to provide the right amount of nourishment. Don’t let your dog lick ice to stay hydrated. Replenish their water bowl whenever necessary.

Avoid skin irritation

Your furry friends are prone to skin and paw irritations due to the chemicals used to clear the snow. Paws can also be irritated from the cold temperature outside then warm temperature indoors. Use petroleum jelly on your paw pads or paw protectant to prevent any redness or damage.

Minimize outdoor time

Don’t let your dogs play outside for more extended period since they are susceptible to frostbite. When you bring them out, make sure they are on a leash. Vehicular accidents are riskier during winter.  A good rule of thumb is to take your pet outside when the sun shines. Walk your dog on late morning or early afternoon.

Groom your pet

Your pets need proper grooming to insulate themselves properly. Limit their bath time since it can reduce their fur’s natural essential oil. Moisturize them properly.

Block off heating source

It is natural for your pet to find sources of heat during winter. Protect them from potential electrical accidents by installing baseboard radiator. Consider making your fireplace pet-friendly too.

Secure their bed

Don’t let your pet sleep on the cold floor. Keep them warm and snug with a pet bed, pillow or blanket. Consider using heated pet beds and secure them in a warm spot, off the cold floor.

Harsh winter weather can put your furry friends at risk. Protect them and keep them happy with these pet care tips!