Preparing Your Home For Spring



With spring right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to start preparing your home. As seasoned homeowners know, spring cleaning is more than just doing some light vacuuming and dusting. It encompasses a whole list of different tasks. And while these tasks may not be the most exciting, they’ll keep you one step ahead of the messes. Here a few things to consider when preparing your home for spring:

  • Gutters: Time to get out your ladder and gloves and check those gutters for debris. You’ll want to clear as much debris as possible by hand first, then remove any leftover gunk with a water hose.

  • Walls/Baseboards/Outlets: All walls in the living areas of the house (bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms) need to be scrubbed with a sponge or brush with mild, soapy water, including the baseboards and outlets. However with outlets, make sure the cover is completely dry before securing it back on the wall.

  • Filters: While all filters in the house (water, range hood, and air vent) should be changed every 3-6 months, now is a better time than any to get them replaced in time for Spring.

  • Faucets/Showerheads: Soak these in an equal parts water and vinegar for around an hour, then rinse them off with warm water.

  • Wash Exterior Windows: All that gunk and debris that got stuck to your windows during Winter? Yeah, they’re still there. If the task of washing all the exterior windows seems like too much, consider hiring an outside service.

  • Foundation Vents: If your home has a crawl space, then it likely has vents along the foundation walls which help provide air circulation that helps prevent excess moisture and mold growth. Spring is the perfect time to clean this out while checking for any damage.

  • Grill: It’s always best to clean off all the collected dust that accumulates on your grill during fall and winter.

  • Smoke Alarms: Test all smoke alarms and CO detectors and change out the batteries as needed.

  • Outdoor Furniture: Make sure that outdoor furniture is ready for Spring by having it all cleaned and dusted before you start using it.