Preparing Your Home For Winter



We may almost be done with January, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with winter quite yet. More cold weather could be right around the corner over the next few months, and you’ll want to make sure your home is as prepared as possible. Here are a few helpful tips to consider that could lower your utility bills and protect your home investment this Winter:

  • Heating System: This is something you’ll want to get checked out sooner rather than later. It may be worth it to pay the small fee now to have a technician inspect your heating system. Hopefully, you won’t need any critical repair work, but if you do, it’s better to schedule it as early as possible. Many homes in the area have heating issues this time of the year, so the wait for repairs can take a while in certain areas.

  • Reverse Ceiling Fans: For fans with a reverse switch, you can run the fan’s blades in the opposite direction after you turn on your heat. This will help produce an updraft and push heated air into the room from the ceiling.

  • Roof: Check the whole roof carefully for any damage, especially any loose or missing shingles. Make sure any issues get corrected as early as possible. Also, check and repair breaks in the flashing seals around vent stack and chimneys as well.

  • Caulk Around Windows/Doors: If the gaps between the siding and the window or door frames are larger than the width of a nickel, exterior caulk needs to be reapplied. For exterior use, silicone caulk works best due to the fact that it won’t shrink and it’s impervious to the elements.

  • Gutters: Any gutters that are filled with debris could potentially have water backed up against the house, possibly damaging the roof, siding, and wood trim. Not to mention leaks and ice dams. Double check for any missing or damaged gutters and fascia boards and repair them too.